Back in the day (lol last year) I was writing a lot about the blogging industry and then I just stopped feelin’ the subject. Until recently. You lot may have noticed I’ve been complaining about brands trying to rip bloggers off ALOT on my stories.


It’s something as a viewer/reader you may not think about but it’s definitely something creatives deal with on the daily. Here are reasons why we need to talk more about money.

Blogging is a job
And a lot of naive people don’t believe that. But honey, let me tell you it is. It’s a booming 21st century biz that people are making some serious cashola from (LOL NOT ME). For years it’s been a little hush hush, nobody ‘got it’ and laughed when you said that’s part of your income. It’s slowly becoming a more recognised thing and if we talk about the fact we DO earn money from it the domino affect will be peeps will start taking us seriously with the $$$$ side of things…. eventually. In theory it sounds good right?


Lets stop being scared to ask for money
Years ago it was considered totally wanky to ask to be paid to write a blog post for a brand. I know, crazy huh? And I feel a lot of creatives find it hard to stand up for themselves, especially in this biz, because if you don’t take the work brands generally will move onto another blogger regardless of whether you are a better fit or not. It’s sad but true. If as a niche we collectively stood up and said ‘well no, here are my rates’ then maybe we would stop being taken for a ride.

Eliminate the grey areas
LOL RUNNING A BIZ ALREADY HAS SO MANY HARD THINGS. And our rates or whether we do or don’t charge a brand for whatever the job may be shouldn’t be one of them. If we open up the discuss about money maybe shit would be a tiny bit easier for us….


Build confidence
Through chats with other creatives it’s a common thread is ‘I could never do that’ or ‘if I charge more I will lose the client’. Trust me when I say, if you’re fucking epic at what you do and are confident that you will rock the brief/job never ever feel bad for selling yourself or asking for more. You are YOU and if the clients wants you then they will pay.


Fuck this ‘exposure’ trend off
Since when did it become the norm for brands to approach bloggers and say ‘it will be great exposure for you’ but never offer any sort of monetary compensation. Again, opening up this conservation means maybe we will actually get some $$$ and be able to pay our rent instead of hoping we will gain a few extra followers (cuz lol jks you never do… or enough to make it ‘worth it’).

Are we undervaluing ourselves?
YES YES WE FUCKING ARE! A turning point was earlier this year I did a pretty big job for a pretty big brand and I did it for fucking free because I felt my fashion content ‘wasn’t worth paying for’. Obvs a low point for me. Now I look back and curse myself because that shit was not ok. I have a really engaged audience (some will say other wise but keep in mind this gal isn’t in pods) and I now believe in the quality of my work. Unfortunately this is a common story for other biz gals and it’s about time we value our time, talent and skills.


‘No budget’ well I am sorry I have ‘No Free Time To Spend Hours Creating An Advertisement For Free’
This is an excuse I hear time and time again. I’m sorry but you wouldn’t walk into lawyers office and say ‘soz mate we have no budget but can you just spend a day or two working on this brief we have specific requirements for? K thanks bye babez’ like no, it doesn’t happen. So why should we be doing it? It isn’t fair. Less people rolling over at this excuse the change will come.

You charge too much / aren’t worth it / can you change your rates
I’m sorry but this isn’t Bali and the answer is well fuck you and no. I think we all are guilty of doing it though – giving in – and saying ok well let’s do this for free or for less. Opening up a conversation about rates and money in the industry would only help brands AND creatives see that our rates are reasonable and that we don’t need to be bullied into work for less or free.


We ARE worth it
Our skills, talent and time need to be valued without opening up the conversation between ourselves and brands nothing is going to change. That ain’t cool.

And with that I bet you’re all wondering dribble from me you are thinking ‘MATE ARE YOU GOING TO TELL US WHAT YOU CHARGE?! GET TO THE JUICY STUFF’


Imma give you a little overview cuz I have different packages and offer different services so it can get confusing AF if you aren’t looking at my media kit. Pretty much I charge for three main services – Insta, blog, freelance writing. Instagram prices start at $99, blog and writing prices start $200 but with all three I do mad deals and packages so ya know hit me up if you’re interested hehe… But do. My most popular option is a package for a blog post and some socials that’s about $549 just to give a little more insight because if there is something I am good at it’s SHARING lol, funny but true.


To be honest, I do fuck all sponsored stuff because I’m fussy AF and won’t work with brands I’m not frothing over and also brands generally try to pull the ‘no budget’ shit with me and I don’t take that at all. I value myself and my time. I know I’m good at what I do so I ain’t gonna let peeps rip me off any longer.


What I’m wearing: Nude Lucy Spray Jacket (size M, gifted) | Nobody Denim Jeans (size 28) | One Teaspoon Shirt | Boohoo Sock Booties | Orange Sunglasses


So there you have it folks… Do you talk openly about money? I would love to hear your thoughts!


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