Recently I did a very scary thing and uploaded a topless photo of me to my Instagram (see HERE for reference). Before you get your knickers in a twist and call my Mum to express your disappointment it wasn’t anything R-rated. It was a very tasteful, cute mirror selfie that I’d taken in my bra spontaneously whilst getting ready one morning.


Why is this photo a bit special or out of the ordinary? Well if you haven’t seen me before (hello I’m Sarah a hat obsessed lady who loves her dog Simba very much) I’m not exactly a type A #MODEL despite being a #FASHUN blogger. The photo is most commented on, most liked and has fast become my most favourite selfie I have ever put online.


In light of the recent article that Khloe Kardashian (my bae) uploaded to her app, titled something rubbish along the lines of ‘how to look skinny AF in photos’, I felt it was time to speak up and say it’s not ok. We don’t need think or feel I wanna ‘look skinny AF in photos’ we all needa be a boss and be like ‘fuck yeah I’m hot jut the way I am’ in photos.


Why can’t we just look like ourselves in pics and be totally okay with it? When it become normal to crave a body shape that when we REALLY think about it is only attainable for probably approx 2% of the population? And I bet even those size 6 model-like ladies are still nit-picking themselves. There is always a new finish line for even the slimmest. Isn’t that grim?


Now if I’m being completely honest this time last year I didn’t have that extra roll seen in the pic and I still didn’t think I was hot AF. How sad is that? I was probs close too 5kg’s lighter (I don’t weigh myself anymore because it became a sad addiction), toned and about to get hitched but I still didn’t feel like I had reached my end goal. I still didn’t feel like I was skinny enough, toned enough or hot enough on my own wedding day. I mean I wore those bloody tight, restricting spanx that made me feel like I imagine the slime stuff we played with as kids felt every time we had to try to shove it back into the jar. Despite that feeling I didn’t need them one little bit! Now looking back I’m like GURL *insert flame emojis*


The difference is now I look at that photo and I think the same thing *insert flame emojis*. It’s been a big year for me. As cliche as it sounds I’ve grown and learnt what a world of good that wanky term ‘self love’ can do. Am I mad about a few extra kilos or looking a bit different? Fuck no. The past year I have been pumping my bod full of extra hormones to sort my boring hormone stuff out and have had to slow down because of it. That has meant I’ve grown and realised that I AM enough just how I look at any given moment. Whether I’m so bloated I look six months pregnant, so tired I can’t move off the couch to go to the gym or even crying at how bloody cute my dog Simba is, I have just had to get on with life. I’ve had to learn to love and accept not only how I look but how I am as a person even when I am comparable to a moody teen.  It’s been freaking tough! And I know this all sounds a bit wanky but trust me, with all of that comes this cool security. Like ‘HEY you’re doing a fab job existing hun’ and that’s what matters.

That photo represents more than just my own acceptance of my body. It is a celebration of ALL our bodies…. As John Mayer would say ‘your body is a wonderland’ right? It is a celebration of the fact we are all unique, we are all beautiful regardless of boobs, hips, butts, cellulite, excess hair, regrowth, tall, skinny, plus size, petite, dark-skinned, light-skinned – whatever it is you’re insecure about let it all freaking go. Look in that goddamn mirror and think ‘I am a fucking queen’ because you ARE.


In the comments, there was a lot of cheering (THANKS BABES) but there were a lot of woman who spoke up about their own personal struggles. Some made me wanna cry, grab a bottle of wine (or a few shots of vodka tbh) and teleport between every single gal who spoke up. Honestly, they were so personal and so profound. I still feel privileged that these badass babes felt in that moment they could share these inner demons with lil old me. So I did what any non-dicky person would do and offered back my love in my comments. It ended up being one big orgy of love, support and proudness between complete strangers. It was all sorts of epic.

As women let’s all stop being so fucking hard on ourselves. Let’s celebrate ourselves and each other. Someone in the comments said they now talk to themselves like they would their bestie. How good is that? You would never say to your bestie ‘mate time to drop that extra 5kg’ would you? If you would I don’t think this article is for you. Asshole.


We are all unicorns. Unique, beautiful and mystical. Let’s support each other, support ourselves and be a bit kinder. Let’s show up everyday and take up the space we deserve. Let’s stop trying to look skinny AF all day errrrday because when you let all that go, that is when you feel the magic.


What I’m wearing: Quinn Overalls (size 10) | Claire Knit (gifted, size 6 – very oversized fit and currently on sale) | Baker Boy Cap | Olivia Slides | Zara Bag (not current) 


What is your take on self love?


Ps – thank you to me number 1 lad Noons/insta-husband/photographer who didn’t notice my strap was twisted on my overalls in these pics. SOZ IF IT ANNOYED YOU THROUGHOUT IT ANNOYED ME TOO!

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