Ok so I was feeling super inspired when fellow blogger and newly engaged Rachel requested to keep the wedding themed posts coming. I racked my brains at things I could post before the wedding, as you guys will know by now most of the content will be coming after our wedding day in March, and a common question I’m asked IRL is how did we start planning? Today I’m sharing some tips that you probably won’t find on a Pinterest post or wedding blog – the wedding content will be kept real and honest because it’s something the wedding industry does lack.


Write a crazy list of feelings or things you and your fiancé imagine the day to be
Isaac and I didn’t really physically write down a list because we got engaged over the Christmas period so instead we chatted about how we saw the day unfolding whilst travelling between our families. Now this list will be something you’ll continuously add to as you start looking at venues and gathering ideas about vendors. I think with weddings it’s important to be relatively on the same page with how you want the day to feel and play out so that when you are booking companies they suit your day. For instance you both might want a formal beach wedding so when you’re scouting locations there isn’t any point looking at barns in the country side. An extreme example but you’re catching what I’m kicking yeah? Chat about location, whether you’re envisioning formalities or relaxed vibes – just establish some groundings for you to begin your planning on.

When we started we knew we wanted it to be relaxed, people to have fun and for the day to be a reflection on us rather then on wedding traditions. That may be completely different for you – maybe you’re religious and dream of a church wedding or whatever!!! There is no right or wrong answer but it opens up conversation between you and your partner. I think it’s common for the bride-to-be to almost take over without considering her man…. Just remember the day is about you both as a couple and celebrating your love.



Avoid Pinterest altogether (for the first few months)
Without even realising Isaac and I didn’t really jump onto the Pinterest train until a few months into our wedding planning which I think was a huge positive. Sure I bought wedding magazines and we sifted through chatting about elements we liked and didn’t like however we weren’t obsessed with pinning things we wanted to copy. The thing most people don’t realise about Pinterest in that 90% of the content on there has been created to be repined and shared across the web by businesses. The majority of photos you see are styled shoots with huge budgets, epic amounts of staff and it’s not realistic to want to copy (in my opinion). If you’re not on Pinterest then you don’t see all those insane things that cost a bomb.

I would say stay off Pinterest until you’re looking for something in particular – like ideas for a wedding boutique colour scheme. BUT always keep in mind that somethings are unattainable! Don’t plan a Pinterest wedding instead create something unique that you love.



Don’t set a budget straight away
Hear me out! I know plenty of people who will be screaming at me through the screen right now but I have a valid point. When Isaac and I started planning the wedding we had a figure of $10,000 set in our minds that we wanted to spend. It was probably the most stressful couple of weeks because I was finding amazing photographers and people I wanted to have involved in the day but they were going to take a fair chunk of that away. So we had a chat and took away the stress of a strict 10k figure and gathered ball park quotes for the important things (to us) – venue, photographer, videographer, food and styling. From there we realised our $10,000 wasn’t going to get us very far with our vision for the day so we booked our must-haves without a second thought and then decided on a final-ish figure (which I’ll update you on at a later date!). My point is you don’t realise how much things cost until you start looking and gathering quotes especially if you’re completely new to the industry ie. haven’t been in a wedding party or had someone super close to you get married.

So I would spend a couple of months researching your different options and nut out what is SUPER important to you – maybe you guys want an epic cake or a magician at your reception and spend more on your must-haves. The first ‘big’ thing I booked was our photographer and we even moved the date so we could have her shoot our special day! For us it’s not about the money and even though we’re squeezing everything we can out of our round-a-bout budget we decided that we were going to do it relatively to how we wanted it because we’re only going to do it once. I’m not saying it’s the right way you can definitely get married for 10k – god you can get married for 5k or less if you really want too! Just do your research first then have an adult chat about what you want to invest in and what you could maybe compromise on.



Keep an open mind
It’s unfair to have a narrow mind when it comes to planning your day. I have to admit that I’ve been fairly lucky because Isaac and I have been on the same page for everything but one minor thing…. Let’s just saying seating options are a hot topic! Whether it is your partner, photographer, caterer or Mum be sure to listen to ideas and take them on board. I’m not saying you have to do them but if your photographer is saying a certain time would be ace to shoot at maybe try and make it work because after all they are the professional. When it comes to your partner make sure to chat through everything and check in with if they’re happy with how things are going – it’s about both of you after all! Oh and don’t automatically assume that your partner isn’t interested in decisions. I thought Isaac wasn’t going to be into the whole planning process but he has been there for every single meeting and had an opinion on every vendor apart from the dress ;)


Just remember to enjoy the process and not stress – the day is about you two not the colour flowers in your boutique!


Do you have any tips for kicking off wedding planning?



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