When you are younger and think of your one-day-wedding most look forward to trying on wedding dresses. I know I did.


After getting engaged I started to look around at different styles and I hit the realisation that I’m not the girly-girl I once was. Way back when I did my debutante ball I wore a strapless gown with beading and a full skirt. It was beautiful and I felt great however now the thought of wearing a dress like that gives me anxiety. Now there is no proclaiming that I’m a tom boy through and through because obviously I’m not. I enjoy make up and I love fashion and everything that comes with being a girl but I’ve never felt more unlike me then when I went to try on wedding dresses.


We; Mum, best friend Bonnie and I, have a trip planned to the Grace Loves Lace showrooms later this month. I feel funny telling you all that because there is a huge chance I might not find anything up there that I feel comfortable in but whatever. (For those who don’t know GLL only have a showroom on the Gold Coast). Before heading up there for that appointment my Mum suggested we have a look around locally and see what’s about so off we went at the beginning of this week. Now it’s not that I didn’t enjoy the experience because it was great picking out dresses and having someone help you get in and out of them. It was lovely!


But it was like I was trying them on for someone else.


It was although I wasn’t doing it for my wedding and it was scary because I’ve never felt so not me wearing something so beautiful. That feeling confirmed that finding a dress that I feel comfy in is going to be hard and that scares the shit out of me. Normally when you put on a beautiful item of clothing you feel gorgeous and amazing but I just felt like a fraud.


There is a dress I bought back in March that I thought I could potentially wear and I love it but it is so different. Isaac and I are all for breaking traditions when it comes to how the day is going to run but I worry about what he will think if he sees me in that dress. I’m scared of being self-conscious on the most special day but then again, I don’t want to wear something that makes me want to pull my hair out…


Yesterday I felt guilty feeling like this because I’m a really chilled person and it’s such a trivial thing to be hyped up about but today I feel like it’s okay. It’s okay that I tried the big poof-y dresses on and they didn’t work. It’s okay that I’m unsure on what to wear because at the end of the day our wedding day is going to special no matter what. It’s going to reflect us, our relationship and vibe so if I get married in a dress I bought from a local boutique – COOL or something I find at GLL – AWESOME orrrr if I potentially have to find something else – it’s all going to be okay!


Have any of you had an experience like this? Where you just didn’t feel like you or love an experience even though you felt like you should have?


Gwendolynne Burkin’s bridal showroom in Fitzroy.  Photo – Lucy Feagins / The Design Files

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    Honestly I say get married in pants if that’s more your style! Personally I never wear dresses just in general so the thought of wearing a big wedding dress is intimidating to say the least. When it comes down to it, even if you wear something non-traditional or even a bit out there, it’s your wedding so if you feel comfortable and confident I think that’s all that matters!


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      SO true Julia. We’ll see what I end up going with but honestly I hate that preconception that everyone should wear a huge white dress!

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    I think one of the biggest reasons I’m not into weddings and the idea of having one myself is just because it all seems like so much work and some people have a really traditional/particular idea of what a wedding should be like. Some people can be really judgey about the food or the venue or the dress or whatever else, or be really showy about all the aspects of their own wedding. But I think if you feel comfortable and happy it doesn’t matter for a second where you bought your dress from, it’s about how it makes you feel. And it’s good to have that dress you’ve already got as a backup, but there’s no harm in looking and you never know what you might find. It doesn’t have to be strapless or big and pouffy, and it doesn’t have to be white, it just has to make you feel happy.

    Jessica – littlehenrylee.net

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      Couldn’t agree with you more. We’re kind of approaching the day as putting on a party that we want everyone we love and has had sort of impact on our lives there to celebrate with us. We want everyone to have a real blast and there isn’t such a big focus on the traditional wedding format and norms… I’m a little nervous but so confident that everyone will have fun so that I don’t mind too much if people are going to bitch about it (aka Nan!). It’s sad the culture surrounding weddings is so…. I don’t even know how to describe it almost old school? But I think it’s slowly shifting which is a great thing!

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    I didn’t get the ‘ohmygod I’m going to cry’ feeling when I choose my wedding dress like what you see on those wedding dress shows. I mean I love my dress, it’s very pretty. I tried on 6 at one place (favourited one), went to another place but had nothing the suited and decided to just go with one from the first store. Also, I almost forgot to take the dress with me when I went to the airport! I was ready to just buy a plain white dress! You are the only person that needs to be ok with the dress (no one else) as you’re the one wearing it. People will always have opinions so don’t think about them.

    xo Kat @ Katness

    P.s. I still want to go and try on more dresses hahaha

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