Generally speaking, I’m not a huge fan of the NEW YEAR NEW ME mantra everyone hopes on after the clock strikes midnight on New Years and it is the 1st of January.


I believe in a more sustainable, lifestyle changes whenever you want to do it – midweek, midmonth, midyear. In saying that goals are cool and this year I’ve decided to make goal making a focus of my weekly, monthly and yearly planning. It’s a new habit I want to adapt to hopefully increase my productivity…. Hopefully!


Get monthly skin treatments
Without sounds like a big douche bag in 2017 my skincare routine changed and it really did change my life. I was at an all time low and then I had the opportunity to try Ultraceuticals and Bendigo Skin Clinic facials. I am now an avid return customer. When I started my hormone treatment I stopped all salon visits for my skin because I felt like hormonal breakouts were going to come thick and fast. Luckily things weren’t so bad and I feel like my skin will really benefit from adding a monthly skin treatment into the mix. They say to go every 3 weeks but I’m going to aim for once a month because it is an expensive habit to adopt! I will keep you posted on how it goes and whether I find it beneficial a few months in.


Get my hair done semi-regularly
I had an awful hair experience shortly after the wedding that cost me a fuck tonne of money so I really did throw in the towel with hair upkeep for the second half of 2017. Now I’ve found an ace hairdresser and I’m totally content with her work so I want to go every 8-10 weeks. I’ve gone a little more natural with my blonde and chopped off all the dead stuff so fingers crossed it is easier to maintain now.


Be more inventive with food
If you follow my Instagram stories (which you should do because I’m always on there) you will know I love food. Since going vegan I’ve enjoyed cooking because I never liked preparing meat/fish and was always worried I wasn’t cooking it correctly. I feel like towards the second half of last year we fell into a routine of eating lots of Mexican and then wraps pretty much every day. You know like a food rut? My goal is to buy a few new cookbooks and really experiment with foods so that I don’t feel bored again.


Clear credit card debt
Such a boring adult goal but I really want to clear the remainder of our credit card because in 2017 we had too many YOLO moments. There isn’t too much left but it’s our goal to get rid of it ASAP.


Take more time off regularly
At the end of 2017 I was struggling with my mental health and felt backed into a corner work wise. When you work part-time for yourself you tend to feel super guilty if you are needing to spend hours on the couch sleeping rather then working. This year I want to make sure I am spending more time checking in with myself and really step back if I need instead of pushing through because I feel like I have too.


Create mood and reflect ME more in my content
This is a weird one because I’m not certain how I’m going to achieve this. Gone are the days where I feel like I have to have everything super bright and white to fit in. I don’t want to fit in. I want to standout and be more ME. With fashion posts sometimes I feel as though I am on the outer because I don’t go clubbing but I am also not a mum so breast feeding friendly isn’t really something I worry about. I want to find a style of photos that suit me and reflect my personal style more… Watch this space as I figure it out!


Do you have any goals you’re working towards?

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    Skin treatments are going to be a big one for me this year too! I am also using a mostly (bar 1 or 2 products) a fully 1 brand skincare regime these days, and I am loving the results!! Can’t wait to see your results!!

    Mel xx || Loads of Lifestyle

  3. 5

    I totally feel you about getting into a food rut and just cooking the same things over and over. I’ve been making an effort to try and find new recipes online to try out, especially lunch recipes that I can have at work, because those are the WORST and everyone knows work lunches are the shittest meals to try and figure out.


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      I know! Lunches are so hard. I always make more at dinner and take leftovers. If I didn’t do that I would be so screwed!

  4. 7

    Loved reading all your goals girl!

    You should try silken tofu for cooking, it’s one of my favourited things to eat when I can’t think of anything else – just oil up a pan, add salt and pepper, throw in the pieces, spray them with oil and salt and pepper and cook (flipping now and then) so delish in my opinion!

    Also I’m in the same boat with the imagery. I didn’t even realise but I think I started to limit myself to a certain vibe with my photos and then wondered why it wasn’t me enough. Now I’ve just started shooting more relaxed like I used to and I’m loving the process and the results :)

    • 8

      I love silken tofu! We use it for stuffed mushrooms. It’s such a good way to change up how you use tofu hey?

      EXACTLY! I’m done with being rigid and boring…. I want to mix things up!

  5. 9

    Your goals sound pretty good Sarah! For me this year, I want to focus on my overall health & wellbeing (physical & mental) as that area took a battering last year. Since September, I’ve lost close to 5 kgs (at last count) so I’m aiming to keep that off this year, especially throughout the colder months when my downfalls are my own baking & comfort food. I’m also tinkering with my posting schedule to figure out what I’m comfortable with, as posting twice a week is a bit hectic for me sometimes. There’s so many other things I’m working towards, but I’ll be here forever listing them!

    Shell // The Novice Life

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    I already love your outfit posts and I think just keep expanding on what you are doing really. No need to change anything!
    One of my goals is to take regular breaks too. I took ONE holiday last year. That’s it. So this year I’m planning to take time off every few months. Whilst life was good last year it was super routiney and I want to break it up and have some things to look forward too.

    • 12

      I will still do what I’m doing but I do want to play around with the composition of photos every now and then to freshen up the feed.

      Yay for holidays!!! So important Mel. I can’t wait to hear about where you get away too x

  7. 13

    I love all your goals, they’re all realistic and achievable! I think its a great that you’re going to have ‘me’ time with regular facials and hair appointments. And also I love seeing all your food photos! I’ve literally done a big shopping list and can’t wait to whip up a storm this weekend!

    • 14

      I’m all about achievable :P

      I definitely neglected ‘me’ time last year so it’s a huge focus for me this year. And I’m glad you’re enjoying the photos of my food!!! I’m loving sharing that side of things.

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