Dear confused-as-fuck-young-lady-or-man,


I know what it is like. Trust me. I am there with you feeling all them feels and not knowing what to do with them.


When you are thrust out of high school and into the notion 0f YOU KNOW EXACTLY WHAT YOU WANT TO DO WITH YOUR LIFE GO DO IT.

So you do you.

For a few years.

But then things start feeling weird. You learn more about yourself and what you really do like and don’t like. Maybe the degree you just finished didn’t give you all the answers like you hoped it would. Or maybe you are like me and have been on autopilot the past few years and just snapped back to reality realising you have not much to show for the past 4 years of work apart from some hefty debts from the degree you dropped out of. You get that awful feeling in your tum. Like when Simba realises that Scar killed Mufasa and Mufasa ain’t waking up after that fall. Ok so that analogy was maybe a bit much but you get the vibe. It is totally grim.

I know it can be hard to see other people your age killing it with their lives. It can lead to you feeling completely envious of their total rockstar lives of a typical 9-5pm in a job they love, with a great relationship and having travelled the world in their spare time because they have an ace career that they can afford that. You watch on while you eat nuggets for dinner, stalking the Kardashians to see which one is pregnant now and then get tipsy alone because it requires less effort than being out on a Friday night…. Or is that just me?

And you know what. That is a-okay?

If we spent more time focusing on figuring our shit out instead of scrolling on Insta-land then maybe we would be able to see our full value. What we actually bring to the table instead of what we wished we did. We can’t all be in the Maldive’s taking snaps of our booty’s in g-string bikini bottoms and let’s remember that nothing looks as glamorous as it does on Instagram. PLEASE. The level of photoshop happening over there at the moment is KILLER. I digress.

The beauty of your 20’s is holding on for the rollercoaster ride. It’ll mean you scream in places and want to tear your hair out but it’ll also mean that there are turns that make you say FUCK YEAH as you lose your stomach and catch your breath in that very moment.

Maybe too deep tbh. But whatevers.

Hold on for the ride. Learn how to lean into things and hold on tight when shit hits the fan. It is okay if you haven’t perfected your career or if you’re not ready to settle down or hell if you are like me and have only managed to venture out of the country once. To Bali. With a group of friends.

Moral of the story. Your 20’s are fucking hard and nobody really tells you what you are up for. Just know we are all there rewatching Gossip Girl, ignoring the hard stuff like taxes and pretending that we have our shit together when really we have no idea what the fuck we are doing.


xoxo sarze gurl


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