This year I wanted to start doing monthly highlight posts because hell I couldn’t do beauty favourites every single month now! I don’t try that many new products. Instead, I’ll have a few categories and things I am totally loving or grateful for… A bit more chill and a bit more variety. Hopefully, you guys like it! Any feedback as always is appreciated so let me know in the comments.



Ok so I ramble on about how I don’t try that many new things but gals this Sukin Hand & Nail Cream I bought this month is ACE. It seems just like all the other Sukin products, a little earthy but nothing crazy, and it just works. A downside is it can take a little while to absorb if you use too much but generally I find it totally fine to use at work or in the office. Plus side? It is so god damn affordable!!!! On another beauty note I had my lashes lifted again just before Christmas but this time I opted for no eyelash tinting. It was so much quicker, less painful for a watery eye gal like me and I have heard rumours it will last a little longer. I’ll keep you posted on that front.

Oh and FYI: the reason I started getting my eyelashes lifted was that I have super sensitive eyes and my eyelashes are long but also naturally stick in all kind of directions. When I wore mascara it would usually fall into my eye after a few hours of wear causing discomfort. Now my lashes are lifted it sits them up out of the way, looks great and my eyes don’t get irritated. Highly recommend if you suffer from similar! I go to Kin if you’re Bendigo based and Amy is ACE!


Guys. I found a hairdresser that I love. Ever since my babe Shannyn left to have a baby (rude) I have been at a loss at what to do, then I had a shitty experience and I was ready to go all Brittney Spears and shave my head. Luckily I was thrown a lifeline by a mate, booked into see Greer and fuck guys she is a magician. She is honest but open to what you want and does an awesome job. I could cry now that I have someone regular to go see! Life-changing.


I made two food discoveries this month that has changed my world. You guys know if you follow me over on Instagram that I have been loving bowls. I make salad bowls for almost every single meal and I LOVE it but two things have been making those bowls pretty damn special. The first is Damona Baked Almond Feta. WHERE THE FUCK HAVE I BEEN? This stuff is INSANE. It has a pretty similar to normal feta, however, it is less tangy and more creamy. I love it. It is incredible. Everyone needs to try it. The weirder one is the fact I am utterly obsessed with a mayo. Prior to going vegan I didn’t even like mayo. It is ridiculously weird BUT the Naked Byron Food Vegan Chipotle Mayo is groundbreaking and just fucking delicious. It’s creamy with being a little tangy and not too thicky. It is a tad spicy without being anything crazy. I am obsessed.


Maddie from Maddie’s Beauty Spot actually recommended that I try Grammerly and gosh where have I been? It is an app that shows your spelling and grammar mistakes on the web but obviously, for me, it is the fact it is on my WordPress I find it so helpful. It makes my life so much easier and no longer am I saying dumb stuff instead of what I actually mean…. Most of the time!

As you guys will know I’ve been reading like crazy. My book picks this month is The Woman Who Fooled The World which is written by two journalists who reported on the Belle Gibson drama over the past few years. It’s all about how she pretended to have cancer online and as a result got a book deal and created an app. I will review it more in depth in a few weeks but holy cow guys this book is fantastic. I am someone who was really interested in the whole drama and this just goes into more depth around it and the issues it has caused. Highly recommend.

For cookbooks hands down it is Elsa’s Wholesome Life. It has really inspired me to be more creative with the types of vegetables I eat, create amazing bowls and also reminded me that eating fruit is okay! For a long time I would limit myself to one piece of fruit a day but now I’m smashing it and loving every second of it. I’m now eating what I want and making sure I eat a rainbow daily. It is the best!



What were some highlights from January for you?

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    Thanks for the mention lovely! I love Grammarly, I try to get everyone hooked on it so it makes reading easier :)

    I love that you include a food section!

    I’ll put that Belle Gibson book on my list. I remember her story and following it a little.

    I actually went to high school with girl who wrote the cookbook and I remember her being one of the nastiest girls in our grade who used to body shame everyone. It saddens me that her and her dramatic travelling sister have managed to find so much “fame” on Insta. I know people can change… but I can’t get past our 15 year old selves with them!

    Maddie | http://www.maddiesbeautyspot.com

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      Oh I am actually so sad to hear that Maddie! I totally understand you feeling that way still those type of things really do stick with us :(

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    A lash lift sounds like such an awesome idea in general, but especially if you have sensitive eyes that get irritated by mascaras a lot. I don’t have that issue typically (they can get irritated occasionally but it’s not often enough to be a problem) but I’ve half thought about a lash lift just because it sounds like a time saver and like it would just make you look perked up and more awake without doing anything. I haven’t looked into pricing yet to know if it’s worth it for me, but it’s good to know you’ve had a good experience with it.

    Oh man, finding a good vegan feta and mayo sounds amazing! I’m still eating dairy but the fact that there are so many more options out there these days that weren’t around even a few years ago is really encouraging if I did decide to go vegan, or even if I just wanted to buy vegan options here and there.


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      They are about $70 here but as I said mine lasted me about 5 months so it’s worthwhile… It would be different for everyone though!

      Exactly! Even if you don’t go vegan at least you know there are sooo many amazing foods to try :P

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