Let me set the scene for you right now.


It’s relevant I promise.

It’s 4:57pm on a casual Thursday afternoon as I’m writing this and to be completely honest it’s been a dick of a day. A dick of a week. I came home from work and by 4:00pm I decided I wanted to go to bed because LOL I am a raging 24 year old who deals with life so well. But I am #ADULTING I decided to have a shower, refresh and put my phone on don’t disturb so I can get some actual work done.


Do I feel even slightly guilty about this? Fuck no.


In an era of constant accessibility to work colleagues, constant distractions by social media and constant pinging of notifications because LOOK GUYS CANDY CRUSH WILL LET ME PLAY AGAIN – I never ever feel guilty about masking my notifications. It makes me feel free. A weight of my shoulders and if there is someone who really needs/wants to get in touch they will call twice. Everything else can wait. The digital age can makes us feel as though we owe the world the right to always be able to reach into our lives. Look in. Pluck away at our feelings. Touch our lives. Mess our brains. But WE have the control and by flicking that half crescent moon it is taking the control back.


Scary huh?

Try it.

It’s like declaring a big fuck you to the social media world and as you’re sticking up the rude finger to your phone absolutely nobody notices the radio silence. What happens is you get free brain space to #ADULT without offending anyone because they don’t know. It’s like a sexy little secret. Similar to when I always break a bit of chocolate off, compare the pair, then give Noons the smaller. Same same but different.


Over the past few years the increase in talking about mental health has been fucking excellent but we need to talk about the affects always being ON has. Is it healthy to aimlessly scroll Instagram for hours? Are we using it to avoid really #SHIT that needs dealing with? Are we constantly intoxicated by comparing ourselves to photoshopped fitness models? It has to stop or at least be dialled down. The Do Not Disturb function is a little taste of what taking more time offline is like.


I’m not sayin’ you needa go cold turkey all day everyday. But more like a ‘HEY LADS TRY IT ONCE A WEEK FOR AN AFTERNOON. IT’S COOL. PROMISE’.


Give you’re permission to have breathing room. Take a break. And really switch off.


What I’m wearing: Vegan Leather Fiddler Hat | Raen Sunglasses (not current) | Gentlewoman Tee | Racer Mini Skirt | Lilac Blazer (gift)


Do you keep your phone on ‘Do Not Disturb’ sometimes?


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