I’ve always had trouble saying no. From a young age I always had this insecurity that if I said no to something bad might happen. I’m not so sure why but it always made me a little uncomfortable and uneasy.


It wasn’t until I left university – and yes I talk about it all the time but it was such a huge turning point for me personally – that I realised that being selfish isn’t a bad thing. In fact is some cases it is a good thing. Crazy right? Who would have thought that sometimes looking out for yourself instead of worrying about others could be beneficial for everyone. I love that we are caught in a time where self care and self love are becoming more widely recognised parts of our everyday life. It’s no longer being frowned upon to take a day or a weekend for you – for no other reason than you need it.


Just this weekend gone I had to cancel plans with my best friend who is leaving for her first solo overseas trip at the end of this week. That shit is big! And my whole heart, mind and body wanted to be there for her to catch up and celebrate before she goes. It is only a short trip but regardless I so wanted to be there for her. But I couldn’t. If you read my last ‘The Weekly Notes’ you’ll know that I recently got some news about my hormones/babies/body (read the linked posted for explanation) and if I’m being completely honest with you guys it’s been a complete mind fuck. I feel totally insane and totally lost. I had to cancel going. My bestie is a GEM and completely understood, of course, but I did feel guilty. I felt like I’d let one of the best down. But only for a second because I knew deep down I couldn’t go in the state I was in.

And that is okay.


People all struggle with their own shit and if you’ve been in a similar situation just remember that the people you’re cancelling on will one day have to do the same. I’m not tell you all this for a pity party because I’m getting there and sorting out my life… BUT. I do think it’s important to remember that being selfish, focusing on you and sorting out your brain is fucking important. If I had of went I would’ve got really drunk, got emotional about the whole thing and ruined the night for everyone. I wouldn’t have sat down, taken a weekend and understood my own thoughts or spoken to Isaac about it. It would’ve lingered and made me more anxious if anything.


If you need to take a weekend don’t feel bad. We all do and it’s completely okay.


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Do you take weekends just for yourself?

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  1. 1

    I always take weekends for myself. I’ve made it a rule whereby I spend my weekends free of anything blogging related (unless I’ve taken 2 days off during the week) & it does refresh you for the following week. It’s really important that we all call a personal time-out because otherwise we get burnt out in some kind of way.

    Shell // The Novice Life

  2. 3

    So agree with this. As much as I would love to attend every event, birthday, celebration, and get together, it really impacts my life if I don’t take time for myself. I had about 3 busy weekends in a row and I completely lost my motivation for eating well, gym and just looking after myself in general. I need that weekend off (even just a day) to re-calibrate, organise myself and breathe after working a full week. It might be selfish but it’s needed.

    Kate | themintedblog.com

  3. 5

    I’ve definitely been there! Great that you’re starting to look after yourself :)

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