Something that I couldn’t get out of my head this season was a trench. Did I want one? Did it fit in with my personal style? I umm’ed and ahh’ed about it all season until I finally said that I’d wait until next season but then this bad boy popped up and I’m in LOVE.


This Downtown Khaki Jacket has to be one of my favourite items in my wardrobe this season. It is up there with the divine leopard coat I’ve been wearing non-stop. I love the way it falls on the body but isn’t too formal unlike the Pilgrim one I featured yesterday (I love that trench but it is more formal). The khaki colour just suits my style down to a tee and is one of my favourite colours to wear. It also does come in a camel colour if you want something different. Consider the colour and how it fits into your everyday wardrobe.


The reason I was so unsure about trench coats and traditionally they are a more formal jacket. That really made me hesitate as overall my style is super casual and relaxed but this particular texture gives off a really chilled vibe. The details from the big oversized pockets, loops on the shoulder and contrast lapels all create this cool ‘I wanna look good but be relaxed’ feel. Keep that in mind if you’re wanting to style this sort of thing in a casual way because it does really make a difference the smaller details and the texture.


I’m not saying this coat couldn’t be dresses up! I could imagine wearing it undone over a dress to and from events so it really is a versatile one. It all comes back to what you pair it with. I decided to keep my under layer super simple then team it with a cool bag, round sunglasses and a hat. Those elements all create the casual vibe to the outfit so keep that in mind when styling.


What I’m wearing:  Downtown Khaki Jacket (size 8, gifted) | Nobody Cult Skinny Jeans (size 26) | Metallic Bag (on sale!) | Raen Round Sunglasses | ASOS Baker Boy Hat | Mollini Cut out Boots 


PS – I promise the lapels do sit nicely but when we shot this it was RIDIC windy sooooo we couldn’t get them to stay in place!


Do you own a trench?

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