If there is something I have a real obsession it is with cookbooks. I love food and books so when the two come together it makes me just a little excited about life. This is one everyone should own.


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As some of you will know I’ve been seeing nutritionist for the past 12 months however I’m about to stop so I’m able to get back into doing my own meal plans – something I’ve always been a huge fan of. Community by Hetty McKinnon was actually a lovely wedding gift because people know just how much we love food and cooking. It’s not one we had or one that we’d even heard of so we were pretty keen to try out some of the recipes.


All I can say is that we have been blown away by the recipes because it’s exactly how we like to cook – simple with a focus on spices, sauces and textures to jazz things up. It’s not a vegan cookbook but it is fully vegetarian that is easily adaptable either way  (if you’re vegan or want to add meat). If you’re put off by the ‘salad recipes’ on the front cover don’t be – it’s overflowing with noodle, grain and legume recipes.


What I will say is that for us it just adds a bit of jazz to our current meals however if you’re lacking confidence when it comes to cooking without meat this is seriously the book for you. There hasn’t been a recipe we’ve tried that contains things that are hard to get hold of or complicated methods – it’s all effortless. If you’re a fan of cooking in bulk for meal prepping as well it’s a great one because each recipe is written to feed 4-6 as it’s written in the pre-tenths of entertaining and sharing but for us it just means we cook something and eat it everyday for lunch!


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What are your favourite cookbooks at the moment?

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    i like cook books too but dont have that many. hard to walk by them in the shops though and not take them home! im not a big healthy eater but i like to try to cook with real ingrediants. i really like the julie goodwin cookbooks because it’s like the food my mum would cook for me. i really want to try one of the jamie oliver ones, i love the way he cooks as well! ahh i need a new cook book stat!

    • 2

      I’m a sucker for any cooking section haha. I really recommend the jamie oliver ones – we used to cook from them alot before going vego/vegan. i love how hearty his recipes are!

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