This time of year I find noritilusly horrid for falling into a style rut and be totally lost on what to wear so you just wear the same thing on repeat. The change in weather always leaves me totally stumped for ideas and I know I’m not alone! Here are a few common ‘ruts’ I’ve found myself in and some tips for getting out of them.


You wear the same jeans everyday 
I totally get it and although I would love to say ‘babe throw them all out and opt for trousers’ I know that isn’t a realistic tip. Jeans are the base of tonnes of peoples wardrobes including mine. Instead of the all out route my tip is to try some different cuts or look for interesting details like a fray or embroidered details. It’ll liven things up a bit! I’ve also been testing the straight leg jean waters and really loving the different cut over skinny leg jeans.

And if you’re feeling adventurous try something like culottes! They’re so comfy and easy to wear.

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You only wear black 
We’ve all been there and trust me that was me up until summer where I finally decided to try out some greens, blue and burgundy. If you’re not a lover of really bright fluorescent colours chances are you probably never will be but there are lots of muted tones that will go back with all your monochrome pieces. I find blues an easy one to transition into if you’re a bit scared but I’m also a sucker for pink at the moment…. I mean isn’t everyone?

Try buying a cut you love and trust, for me a knitted jumper is always a fail safe, in a slightly different colour way. Remember subtle colour changes and can make you feel so much better – promise!


You find all your outfits so boring
Think in layers rather then the overall ‘look’. It sounds completely dicky but I promise it isn’t! I always start with the one piece that I want to wear and then build off that. If it’s a dress I’ll think about adding a tee underneath, then a blazer and then some killer shoes. It helps lessen the overwhelming question of ‘what to wear’ when you’re already feeling shitty about your wardrobe. Break it down and it will almost force you to style things on the go.

Another simple and cheap route is to add some fun accessories! Y’all know I’m a huge hat lover but if you’re loving earrings grab some cheap costume jewellery and start adding into your everyday wardrobe. It gives an outfit another element too it and sometimes that’s all you need.


You rely on oversized tops 
We’ve all been there! I’m not hating on oversized tops because they’re a fail safe nesscity in everyones wardrobe for that time of the month and days where you feel like poop buttttttttttt they can make you feel really crappy about yourself if you’re constantly wearing them – like you’re a lot bigger than what you are almost. You feel me? I like to again look at the offending piece/s, for me oversized jumpers, and purchase something in that same family but a different cut. The jumper I’m wearing in the photos is exactly that!

OR another easy option is to tuck, belt and manipulate the top/jumper to give you more shape that way you won’t feel frumpy every day!


You always get stuck last minute and end up hysterical because YOU JUST DON’T KNOW WHAT TO WEAR 
A couple of years ago I went through that and Isaac actually ended up forcing me to go shopping because I was a nightmare to deal with every morning. My tip for this is to take an afternoon out of your weekend just for looking for inspiration online. Look at Pinterest, Instagram and blogs for looks you’d like to try but make sure it is realistic to your life not your fantasy life.

After you’re feeling inspired try putting together looks from those images from your current wardrobe. Take snaps of your styled outfits and pop them in a folder in your phone. If you feel like you’re missing some pieces that’ll change your wardrobe BUY IT and then repeat the styling, photo-taking steps. That way you have a whole folder of styled looks that you can look through when you’re having one of those moments!


What I’m wearing: Lack Of Colour Fedora | Patterson Navy Knit (gifted, size 8) | Billie Jeans | Asos Rhoden Boots | Le Specs Sunglasses (not current) | Ryder Tote Bag (not current)


Have you ever been really stuck in a style rut? How did you get out of it?

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  1. 1

    I love how you tucked in your jumper. I tried to do it this morning and my look doesn’t look as good. Any tips to do the perfect tucked in shirt/ jumper?

    • 2

      Just don’t overthink it! I find the half tuck the easiest to pull off because unless my jeans are high-waisted it can look funny but key is to not overthink it!

  2. 3

    I totally agree that gathering together sources of inspiration (like on Pinterest, etc) is really helpful when you want to change up your style but aren’t sure where to start. I’ve been in a massive rut lately (which I’m actually about to post about) and I’ve found it to be such a big help in figuring out what my wardrobe is lacking and what new looks I want to try out.

  3. 5

    I’ve been in a rut for years regarding my winter wardrobe, but I’ve decided this year it’s time to break free from it & incorporate other pieces into my wardrobe (for example, I’m after a dress, some tunics & more ankle boots). I do agree about looking towards sources of inspiration if you’re not sure what to do, but I think if you know what needs changing you just need to look at your own wardrobe to figure it out. I also love doing the half-tuck with relaxed tees!

    Shell // The Novice Life

  4. 7

    Layering tips are essential for me! I either look under-done with no layering, or borderline crazy bag woman! Need to find that balance ;P

    Kate |

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