With your birthday comes endless amounts of discount codes and the old ‘I will treat myself because it’s my birthday’ excuse. A couple of ASOS hauls later I thought I’d show you what I’ve been buying lately.

Asos Oversized Jumper in Twisted Yarn
I’m a sucker for anything oversized so I couldn’t help but buy this one to try. I loved it but I have another jumper super similar so it’s not an item I have kept. The quality of this one was actually really great as I’ve found Asos super hit and miss so it’s huge tick for quality. I ended up ordering a size 6 because it looked huge on the model and I’m glad I did because it still fit oversized so I’d recommend sizing down.

Asos Cropped Jumper Tie Detail in Khaki
This was something I bought to go with the culottes and I loved this one in theory but even sizing up to a 10 to accommodate my boobs it still look right! I need to find something with the crew neckline that’s sill a slim fit – the high neck and tightness just didn’t work for me.

Weekday Leopard Print Knit Jumper
I was first spotted this jumper on Sam so I had it in my saved items for a few weeks and with my birthday discount I couldn’t resist. It’s not overly flattering but I love the colour combination. It’s also around 80% wool and for the price I felt like it was steal. If you’re going to buy it I recommend your usual size.

Daisy Street Oversized Crew
This was probably the most disappointing item from the haul because of the texture – it just felt cheap! I have a Misguided jumper that’s pink and it’s very similar so I didn’t want another cheap jumper just for one season so I also returned this one. If I end up needing a grey jumper for layering later in the season I would look at this again but for what I need right now it just didn’t suit.

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Wool Mix Baker Boy Cap
This was something I bought in the sale to fill the void of a baker boy cap. The one I really want is over $100 and it’s something I just can’t splash on right now. I love the colour and I think it adds a cool element to any look. I do wish that I could find an affordable black one that is ‘it’ but for now I just can’t!

Somedays Lovin Round Sunglasses
Another sale purchase you guys always ask me about! They come in and out of stock but I love how they’re kinda transparent and oversized.

Asos Rhoden Ankle Boots
After my fail of an ASOS shoe saga last month I wasn’t too keen on ordering a pair of their boots BUT I saw these and I loved how they were trend based but still something I would wear when the ring detail goes out. The square toe was something I wasn’t too sure on but I love the retro vibe. You guys have been going mental over these on Insta! They are great quality for the price.

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Asos Knitted Culottes
You guys are going to get sick to death of me wearing these but literally they are the best and most flattering culottes! These were the item that I had been waiting to come back in stock in my size! I was stalking them everyday so was glad to get my hands on these. I have a post going up wearing them on Sunday so keep your eyes peeled for that one. I would 100% recommend these though! Amazing.

Asos Mono Check Culottes
I’m really enjoying the check/gingham kinda trend but I can’t find the piece that is ‘it’ and these were pretty close but I wasn’t sure how much I’d love the culottes. I decided to keep the plain black for now and if I’m still loving it later on in the season I’ll look at these again. They are a statement piece being a little wider leg but I love the cut and think it’s super flattering! I got the size 8 and they fit perfect so they’re true to size.


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So a few send backs but overall I’m stoked with the items I kept. I’m currently on the hunt for a leopard coat, metallic boots and some tighter tops to go with culottes. If you liked this set up let me know! I wasn’t sure about doing an ASOS haul so I’d love to hear your feedback.


What have you been buying lately?

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  1. 1

    I snagged me a pair of discounted white skinny jeans from Mavi (they were roughly 65% off RRP WOO) & a dalmatian printed knit top from Portmans yesterday. I’m on a bit of a low-buy for this year, but it hasn’t stopped me eyeing off stuff. I’m already planning a trip back to Portmans to get these longline knits/tunics with side zippers in black AND white – they’ll pull double duty for me.

    Shell // The Novice Life

  2. 2

    asos is so dangerous. But yeah, really hit or miss!
    I bought a few basics from there a few weeks ago. Plain singlets and stuff.
    I just got a nice grey knit jumper from big w. only 29 bucks! its not oversized but I bought a size up so it would be a bit bigger on me. I love it. Also got gifted a secondhand leather jacket that I’ve been pretty much living in!

  3. 3

    The best part about ASOS is that it’s so easy to return things if they don’t work out. That puts me off from buying from a lot of places online because at least with ASOS you can be confident in ordering something that you think may or may not work because you know it’s not going to be a waste of money if it doesn’t work out.

    I’m trying really hard to only buy things that are high quality and especially only winter things that I think are going to keep me warm for when I move to Canada and it’s SO hard to find things that are made of wool because everything is acrylic these days and the quality is so hit and miss! At least quite a few of the things you bought worked out and you had some success, it’s the worst when you order things you’re really excited about and even up having to return the whole lot.


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