THE WEEKLY NOTES #56 an update on my hormone treatment, mental health & saying goodbye to blogging?


Finally. The Weekly Notes are back now that Frocktober is all done and dusted! I know a tonne of you guys missed it but October was so busy I just couldn’t seem to get anything I normally do done.


I don’t have too much to tell you all about so I’ve decided to instead give you an update on my hormone treatment and mental health. A backstory for those who aren’t up-to-date is that I’ve had hormone troubles for the past two years and after supplementation failed me my dietician and hormone specialist have decided that I now need to move into other methods of treatment. I am super young so the thought process is – get shit sorted now so when I am ready to have kids I don’t have to go through it all then. That for me is progesterone troches which are a natural bioidentical hormone treatment. I know there are other methods however this is what we decided was right for me.


Anywho. When I first decided to go ahead with the progesterone troche therapy I never gave two thoughts to how it may affect me. In all honesty, my main focus was just to get my hormones in check so they were balanced and everything was completely fabulous. In my head, I thought ‘this will be super easy, I will take the troche as required then in a few months we will retest’. Done. Finished.


Things have been a little tough, to say the least. You know in Gossip Girl where Blair asks Chuck to say those 3 words, 9 letters blah blah blah like that but only WAY WAY WAY worse. This is my first cycle on the troches and the past week has easily been the toughest I can remember. I am totally fatigued but I’m unable to sleep properly, I have had the worst PMS symptoms ever and I would say a week of pretty intense depression-like feelings. I cry at the drop of a hat.

It has been fucking overwhelming and completely intense.


I know that I don’t have depression and that mentally I will be okay but it’s been really fucking hard. At first, I thought it was just being rundown from Frocktober content and that I needed to step back a little however it’s only got progressively worse. My brain has been so foggy. I can’t think straight and with blogging, if you can’t produce content then you’re pretty much screwed. I am struggling and need to prioritize my life for a little while. I am scared that I’ll lose my reach or that my PR contacts will dwindle but for the next few weeks/months I need to just focus on making sure I’m okay.



And for anyone out there that is going through hormone issues. I get it. I get why people struggle. I get why it is hard and taxing. Please reach out if you know someone who is going through it because it is fucking tough.


This isn’t goodbye forever but it is a hey-see-you-sometimes-but-not-all-the-time-while-I-get-my-shit-together.


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    Sorry to hear you’ve been having so much trouble with your treatment. :( It’s so insane to think how massively hormones affect our minds and our moods, let alone our bodies, and yet there’s this bullshit notion that women are just “hormonal” as though there’s no real reason behind it, and as though men aren’t affected by them too, but they really have such a huge impact on our mental state and how our bodies function. Really hope you’re able to get the appropriate treatment soon and that you start feeling better, because it’s very real. And don’t feel bad about taking some time away, you have to do what’s right for you because you’ll just be more miserable if you try to force yourself to do things that don’t feel right.

  2. 2

    I literally shouted NOOOO when I read your title!
    I completely understand. I am going through my own health bullshit at the moment and feeling much the same. It really sucks to have a health issue that people can’t see because nobody seems to get it or thinks you’re over reacting. But it’s debilitating. You need to look after yourself, easier said than done. If you’re ever having a shit day and want to chat I’m here!

  3. 3

    I too thought “NOOOOOOOOOO” when I read your title!

    I completely understand why you’re doing this & applaud you as always for your honesty. (Which btw, is one of the many reasons why I read your blog :o)) The effects our hormones have on us ladies completely sucks & it’s not something that people easily understand either, regardless of their gender. It also sucks that your health is giving you such a shitty time right now, but it’s important to recognise when you’re not at your best & to take a step back & (as you say) “get your shit together”. Trying to push on in your current state will do you no favours.

    I really hope things settle down for you sooner rather than later. Please don’t feel bad for calling a time out, we’ll all be here for you when you make a triumphant return!

    Shell // The Novice Life

  4. 4

    You are number 1 to yourself Sarah, you are your number 1 responsibility. Connections, whether it be in relation to the readers or brands, can be rebuilt. Take your time, obviously, I’m sure loyal readers/PR contacts will stick around for whenever you’re ready to come back.

    Taylor |

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