Hello. Hi. I’m back.


I would say this feels weird but I would be telling you a big fat lie. I actually spent a lot of my time away writing without a deadline and it was glorious! So although you gems haven’t been seeing anything being published I did spend my time behind the scenes word vomiting into my drafts. A few months ago I mentioned I wanted to put more of me into this space and focus on writing so I’ve been putting that into action. It gives me the warm fuzzy feeling of excitement. If I’m honest this whole hormone/mental breakdown I’ve been having, and sharing it openly with all of you guys, has made me feel more connected to this space.


My days at home, when I wasn’t crying or napping thanks to my hormones, have been spent reading or writing. Without any intention or purpose. And I fucking needed that. I did spend a lot of time my time away being completely and unapologetically lazy. I smashed my way through way too many Netflix series and that is okay. My body was going through some stuff and brain wasn’t keeping up…. So that kinda explains the crying at Simba being ridiculously cute and yelling at Isaac to NOT TOUCH ME when his arm brushed mine on the way past in the hall….


There is this pressure in the online industry to get the jobs, make it big and churn out so much content monthly. You’ve always got to be ON. You’ve got to be THERE. Waiting. This break has made me realize that I can step back and everything won’t fall apart. I can’t remember the last time I really turned off. On my honeymoon, I was uploading, right up until the wedding, in Bali and every experience I’ve always been thinking about photo opportunities or what to share on stories. Stepping back has made me set some boundaries and realize what I value and what I want you guys to get from my content.


I know a bunch of you love the make up thing and I still want to do beauty content. That will never ever change. BUT. I also want to share more of my life. I’m always so worried that our house isn’t Instagram worthy. GUYS WE LIVE IN A RENTAL WITH CHEAP AS CHIPS FURNITURE BECAUSE WE ARE IN OUR EARLY 20’S. There I said it. And that’s okay. Our kitchen is green, our bathroom has horrid vinyl wanna-be floorboards in it but this is where we live and if I show that in the background nobody actually gives a fuck. This break has made me realise I want to share more normal junk because it makes me feel connected to y’all and hopefully that is a two-way thing.


So there is a gigantic word vom for you to enjoy. I’m here. I’m back. Not sure at what kind of capacity – just what I can handle. My body is still playing catch up but I am feeling more stable. The aim is one blog post a week and hopefully one Instagram a day but as I said just what I can handle. I can’t make any promises yet.


Thank you guys for sticking around while I lose my shit quite openly online. You guys are the best.


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I'm a retail manager by day and a blogger by night aiming to bring you the newest beauty, fashion and lifestyle news. More Than Adored was created to help beauty lovers, like myself, make informed decisions when it comes to buying new goodies.

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  1. 1

    Yaaaaaaaaaay I’m glad you’re back Sarah! I hope you’re alright now, or at the very least getting there.

    Don’t worry hon, my house isn’t blog/social media worthy either. There’s literally NO white walls in my house & no perfect furniture either, so my fashion photos are usually taken outside against a brick wall near my laundry “door” (there’s no door as such, just a blue tarp that flaps in the wind & sometimes photobombs haha) or upstairs against a lemon yellow wall & near both a light fitting + an electrical socket, with floors that are neither boarded nor carpeted. I don’t really care because like it or lump it, it’s my house, it’s very real & if I don’t care, then neither should my readers. Sure, I’d like it to look heaps better than it does, but it is what it is & I have to work with what I’ve got. #keepingitreal

    Shell // The Novice Life

  2. 2

    So glad to see you enjoyed your time off, even if you were working on the blog still. I cannot wait to see what you wrote in that time or your future posts that include more of your life.

    Taylor | iamtaylorlynette.blogspot.com

  3. 3

    A instagram mummy I follow shared photos of her house a while back regarding the same thing! And it’s funny how she thought it wasn’t insta worthy but a lot of people still loved seeing it because it was real.
    Welcome back!

  4. 4

    Sorry to hear that your health/life generally has been so rough lately! :( As you know, I’m all about slow blogging and I personally find that writing with no deadline and doing blog stuff when it feels right and making sure I’m 1000% happy with everything before posting is the only way I can do it. I know it’s not necessarily going to work as a business plan and people have different reasons for blogging and want to achieve different things, but I find it so much more fulfilling to do things at my own pace and not put pressure on myself to do things any other way.

    And I think the idea that to be a blogger you have to have a totally perfect house and own a bunch of beautiful homewares from West Elm or whatever is so unrealistic. There are no rules in blogging, and sure, things that are aesthetically pleasing are going to be preferred because blogging is a form of escapism for a lot of people (both bloggers and readers) but no one has a perfect life, and when people are too flashy with their 10 designer bags it puts me off a bit because that’s not how the world works for most people. Bloggers are relatable because they’re real people, not because they lead a celebrity lifestyle and have way more money than the rest of us, so there’s no shame in showing that you’re a real person with weaknesses and who doesn’t have a perfect home. No one does in their 20s anyway because we all have other priorities.


  5. 5

    I much prefer seeing your everyday life Sar! And to be honest, our rental is about to split in two 😂 when we finally buy our first home we’ll be lucky if it’s any better because we probably won’t be able to afford to fix it – every 20 something can relate 😝

    I also try and live my life more offline than online, mainly because I love creating and consuming content, but I don’t want to be “on” all the time either. I don’t want people dissecting my every move, or critiquing things unconstructively.

    Maddie | http://www.maddiesbeautyspot.com

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