A misconception about bloggers is that we lead a very glamorous life and that it’s an ‘easy’ job. I beg to differ. Blogging is hard work and takes alot of self-motivation because at the end of the day if you don’t work nothing gets done. I thought I’d put together a post sharing a typical day for me – please note each blogger does things differently and this is just a representation of how do things not everyone else!


6:15-7:30am Alarm, shower, breakfast, get dressed
Isaac gets up at 6 everyday for work so I generally find myself lounging in bed for a little bit checking my social media before getting up just after him. Alot of people are surprised when I tell them I get up early but it’s a habit I’m very happy to be in because it kick starts my day and gives me time to get ready slowly (a luxury I as a slow-waker enjoy). I sometimes shower if I need to wash my hair but I always make sure to have breakfast. One thing you’ll probably learning for this post is that I love food. At the moment I’m loving a smoothie bowl, tea and 500ml of water to start my day. I also catch up on some Youtube videos whilst I eat!


7:45-8am office time and planning
Generally I like to be in the office by 8am at the moment. I’ve found I’m more productive in the morning so therefore I’m trying to take advantage of that and really smash out the work before lunch. I spend the first 15 minutes of my day planning it out in time slots. Some may find this a little crazy but for me it’s a great motivated and means I spend little to no time scrolling through Instagram in-between jobs or getting stuck on stupid things like editing a photo. I always move on when I’m meant to and allow 30 minutes at the end of the day to go back and finish off anything I didn’t manage to get done. If you’re struggling with productivity I would recommend trying this method because it’s really benefited me.


8am-12pm WORK
This sounds vague but because of the nature of what I do at home it does vary what I’m doing each day. Sometimes I’m shooting, editing, writing, doing admin, planning or doing Skype meetings. This time slot in my day is definitely the busiest and most productive so I always avoid distractions like taking phone calls or posting on social media in the morning. On this particular day I shot a bunch of flatlay, responded to emails and wrote 4 posts in this time slot so it’s a super productive time for me!


12-1pm lunch break
An hour lunch break – I know crazy! I think because the morning is always so full on I enjoy taking an hour to myself to prepare and eat without rushing. I never ever allow myself to eat in front of the computer because my brain just can’t multitask like that. My belly also appreciates me being mindful when I’m eating so it’s a win win. The above picture is from when I ate out with Isaac a few weeks ago but generally I’ll have Paleo Bread, salad or leftovers for lunch.


1-2:30pm emails, admin and shooting
After lunch I try to opt for tasks that aren’t in front of the computer so shooting photos and admin is generally what I use this time for. I do also spend about 45 minutes responding and sending out an emails that need to be sent. Again it does vary what I do in this time and sometimes it is just spent cleaning however it’s never writing or full-steam ahead proposals like I do in the morning.


2:30pm-3:45pm gym
It’s been a bit of a trial and error to find what time of day I most like to work out and the afternoons seem to be working for me. Before Bali I was going in the mornings however I was finding that it took almost 2 hours out of my most productive time of day work wise so I wasn’t getting enough done. This gets me out of the house and breaks up my day which I really find beneficial for my brain. I try to go everyday and do a mixture of high intensity workouts and cardio a few times a week as well.


3:45-5pm revisit, refresh, clean and emails
Sometimes after the gym I don’t go back to work if I’ve been really productive or have personal/life/wedding things to do instead but most days I will venture back and revisit any tasks I didn’t get done during the day. I complete them, give the office a quick tidy (sometimes) and then respond to any emails that have come through in the afternoon.


Then I’m done! Most days I’m out of the office by 4:30-5pm if I’ve been productive and stayed on task throughout the whole day.


Are you a blogger? What are your typical days like?


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    I wish I could be organised like this! I struggled a lot while studying to do any regular blogging, so now that I’m forever done (yay!) I’m trying to slowly mould myself in a routine. So far when I’m blogging I think I’m most productive on days when I’m taking photos, as writing takes up a lot of my time (always so much to say!).
    I think I’m going to try and aim for a routine a bit more like this — something that is definitely going to get me more out of my day! Thanks, Sarah!
    Shae xo
    Diary of a Beauty Padawan

  2. 3

    I love this post, Sarah!

    Taking on board your tips on how to carve up time units of the day for specific activities and having that extra time at day’s end to come back to unfinished business.

    One day I will be able to plan my day around full time blogging. One day…

    SSG xxx

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    This is SO inspiring, I wish I had this kind of set up in place to motivate me. Currently, I’m all over the place when it comes to getting stuff done and I think it’s beginning to show. I’ll have to give this set up a go and see how it works for me! Another incredible post, Sarah!

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