Although Lush has had haircare for a very long time recently they’ve launched a bunch of new product offerings. I’ve been trialling a few of the products over the week few weeks and here are my thoughts!


We’ll start in the shower and the Avocado Co-Wash is designed to strengthen the hair and promote growth. This was my first time trying a solid shampoo and it was a little strange to say the least. I find the best way to use them is by getting the bar and your hands wet and lathering it up before applying to your hair. I felt like it didn’t given my hair that ‘soft to touch’ whilst wet but it does contain little sulphates so that would be why. Overall it smells incredible, works well and is a great alternative to a traditional shampoo.


For hair treatments they’ve released a collection of hot oil treatments that you melt at home in boiling water and then apply to the hair. I haven’t tried mine yet because I’ve just had my hair treated in a salon and don’t need it yet but I can tell you that the packaging is great and I like the way you can tailor the amount of treatment you use by how much you melt without being wasteful. Another hair treatment is the Queen Bee Hair Honey which is a level-in treatment in solid form. Formulated with beeswax, honey, organ oil and meringue oil it is went to moisture the scalp and hair. I personally have only used this on my ends as I’m a bit scared to apply it any higher due to the oils. I really love the way it leaves my hair feeling soft but I have to say the solid leave in treatment is just a little bit annoying to use!


Last up we have my favourite from the bunch and it’s the Sunny Day Anti-Static Hair Detangler. This is dreamy because I have the most unmanageable, frizzy hair sometimes and this really helps to detangle, smooth and keep everything looking fresh. I’m not a huge fan of the scent but the way the product works makes it worth it!


Have you tried any Lush hair care products?


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    I just tried the “Tangled” Treatment and it was so good! I ended up only needing to melt half of it and I have the other half waiting for me in the fridge :)

    Kate |

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    I’ve never tried any Lush hair care. I’ve used quite a few of their shower and bath products in my time but have never picked up anything hair-related. I think of all of those the detangler sounds like it’s the most up my street as I use one each time I wash my hair after I get out of the shower, so when I’m done with what I’m using now I might look into the Lush one.

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