Tattoos are something that I have always loved but I never thought I would get one – or at least be so into them I book another appointment as I leave. I get tattoos aren’t everybody’s jam so if you don’t love please don’t read.

This is probably the tattoo you see most and I see least because I always forget about this guy. Isaac and I always wanted to get matching tattoos but we didn’t want to super cringe worthy like names across our neck or whatever. No offence if you have those. We also were very aware that life happens and there is a possibility we may get divorced – like I highly doubt it – but first things first I’m a realist. We settled on the king and queen crown because separately they stand alone as a cool tattoo but it also is a set.

This was my first tattoo and I was fucking nervous but Rick did an ace job. I would say this placement is one I would reserve for something you don’t mind people seeing all the time.


Placement: outside of left wrist

Tattooist: Rick Preston (Bendigo)
Rick has down all of Isaac’s bigger pieces so far as well as the crowns – amazing artist for more detailed work.

Pain: 2/5



My mums’ least fave and Noons fave – you can’t win them all! This is just a little nod to my love of my work and fashion. Nothing totally crazy and I know a tonne of people have this tattoo. I don’t mind that at all because it’s simple and cute. This placement is one you always see so maybe don’t have something that makes you sad or will affect your mood on the daily. I see this one most of all my tattoos.

Placement: Inside of right wrist

Tattooist: Cholo @ Fine Line Tattoos (Richmond)
Cannot recommend Cholo enough – so patient and easy to work with. Like all good artists very hard to book into but well worth the wait.

Pain: 2/5


Vegan V
This particular one is one not alot of people know what it means when they see it but those who do know are always pumped #vegansforever haha! But seriously if you look at any foods that are certified vegan the ‘V’ in the word vegan is always shaped this way and will have a flower coming out the top. I decided against having the additional flower or the whole word because I like that only people who know know. One of my friends asked ‘but what about when you’re not vegan’ and that really isn’t an option for me.

Placement: inside of arm just below my elbow crease

Tattooist: Cholo @ Fine Line Tattoos (Richmond)
Cannot recommend Cholo enough – so patient and easy to work with. Like all good artists very hard to book into but well worth the wait.

Pain: 2.2/5


Self love heart
This kind of self love tattoo is kind of trendy at the moment and it’s one that does polarise people. I’m okay with that because, like with all my tattoos, I got them for me not anyone else. I wrote a pretty wordy caption on this particular tattoo so feel free to go have a read.


Placement: back of right arm above the elbow

Tattooist: Cholo @ Fine Line Tattoos (Richmond)
Cannot recommend Cholo enough – so patient and easy to work with. Like all good artists very hard to book into but well worth the wait.

Pain: 2.2/5



Palm tree
I love this placement for tattoos and this is probably the only tattoo that I got because I really love the line work in palm trees in this particular style. We went up north for our honeymoon and I was going to get it up there (kind of as a reminder) but wasn’t impressed with the artists in the area. A huge tip that I have for anyone wanting to get good tattoos – do you research!

Placement: back of left ankle

Tattooist: Cholo @ Fine Line Tattoos (Richmond)
Cannot recommend Cholo enough – so patient and easy to work with. Like all good artists very hard to book into but well worth the wait.

Pain: 2.8/5 – a little ouch-y with the thicker lines however nothing crazy! Just made me stop talking.



Overall I would say do you research and make sure you like the vibe of the artists work before going in for your tattoo. Everyone always asks how I decided on placements or things to get and honestly I’ve never over thought any of them. I decided the day I went to Cholo where everything was going and I didn’t have strict design ideas for any. You are paying an artist to do a tattoo for you and hopefully you already love their work so although I think knowing what you want is important be open for ideas!


Do you have any tattoos or plan on having any?


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  1. 1

    Sarah I absolutely adore your sweet little tattoos. I have 2 and of course alway wanted more but considering what I want are quite large I’ve just never been able to get the money together – so annoying!

    I’ve decided I’m actually going to wait before I get any more, until my parter finally gets his call for the navy and we move because my next one will be a few words from a song that I want on my arm in the same placing as your heart. Why wait? Because I feel like although I don’t live anywhere near my family I’m still close and in turn am too scared to get a tattoo on my arm that I KNOW my mum will kill me over. At least if I’m out of state (and potentially across the country) I’m far away enough to get the balls to do it.

    Also I could not agree more with doing your research, I still remember what my first tattoo looked like before I got it completely redone. It was a whimsical, on the day decision to go to a small shop around the corner from my then house. I didn’t feel comfortable telling the guy working that I wasn’t completely happy with his design and I didn’t look up any previous work, BIG MISTAKE. I had a tattoo I probably could have done better at home until I got the money together to go to another, well known place across town where the guy did what he could to improve the piece but because I didn’t speak up in the first place am stuck with a tattoo that I will never be 100% about (at no fault of the guy who fixed the tattoo).

    • 2

      Yeah they are such an investment. Mum hates my tattoos so I understand where you’re coming from in how you feel. I always just remind myself that these tattoos are for ME and nobody else. If my parents don’t love I don’t really care because they aren’t for them.

      Ah no! That’s such a shame that you had a crap experience and it’s part of the reason I waited until I was older and more confident in finding my voice.

  2. 3

    Love your tattoos Sarah!!!! I love the crown idea. So special!
    You didn’t write anything about piercings though?
    I’ve got two tatts – a little cat outline and new watercolour ballet dancer which I think you’ve seen on my Insta. You’ve inspired me to type up a post on that one! :)

    New one on the horizon when I have some $$$ to splash lol.

    xo Kat @ Katness

    • 4

      Oppps! I forgot about the piercings. Luckily it’s just my ears and my bellybutton. Bellybutton was the most pain experience ever! I LOVE your ballet dancer Kat. So stunning.

  3. 5

    Ahh I love that you shared all these! Your tattoos are lovely, the coat hanger one is actually quite a peculiar choice but I love how it looks! Especially that it refers to your love for your work and fashion in a subtle way. My favourite is the vegan one though. <3
    Such a sweet post, have a great week!

    Joanne | With Risa: A Lifestyle Blog

  4. 7

    Aww, the little self love one is so cute! I know you said they’re trendy but I haven’t actually seen that around anywhere, but I really like it. And of course I totally back the vegan one too! And I agree getting matching tattoos that aren’t each other’s names is the way to go. I know quite a few people who’ve done that and it’s really important to be realistic about the future and get something that you hopefully won’t hate if things don’t go as planned.

    • 8

      Exactly! Although I doubt Isaac and I will ever break up there is a chance it will happen so no way did we ever consider each others names.

  5. 9

    What do you mean you didn’t want Isaacs name tattoo’d on your neck? Lol. :P
    I love all of these! I agree with doing your research. I got my one and only tattoo done at the only tattoo shop I knew. And its rubbish. Luckily it’s on my back shoulder so I don’t see it. But other people do sometimes ask “what is that” whenever it is showing. Which isn’t often. But it kind of annoys me, I hate having to explain what it is. It is literally a love heart that has vine like tentacles coming out of it with a few little roses. It doesn’t really mean anything, I just really liked the design and the “artist” just executed it really badly. It’s also super faded and patchy. Which the “artist” said was because of how my skin absorbed the ink. Right.
    I’ve thought about getting it fixed somehow, but I guess because I don’t really see it, I kind of forget about it. I don’t really feel the need to get anymore but I still love them! I love that all of yours have a meaning :)
    Also, I LOVE that first picture of you! Gorg!!!

    • 10

      I remember you saying that you weren’t happy with your tattoo. A tiny piece out of my palm tree has fallen out but like you it’s on the back of my ankle so it really doesn’t bother me.

  6. 11

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