Oh hey!! Remember these catch up posts? Soz I’ve been totally off the radar and completely rubbish at keeping up with the blog but towards the end of this week I’m feeling like I’m coming back swinging.


Almost two weeks ago now Isaac and I went to Fine Line Tattoos! SURPRISE! I got 4 new (small) tattoos and Isaac got his wedding diamond on his finger which he has always planned to get instead of a ring. For those who don’t know in our ceremony we used a watch for Isaac. It was a fab experience and I totally recommend Cholo plus the team at Fine Lines if you’re ever after some tattoos. The above coat hanger is obviously new and I’m yet to snap any of my other newbies but given time I am sure I will share them with you guys. Is that interesting? I don’t even know.

The funniest thing about getting new tattoos is the scale of reaction you get from people who see them. My Mum was totally confused and I wouldn’t say annoyed or upset but just didn’t understand them. I feel like there is this culture that tattoos need to mean something big but my view is that no matter whether it represents something it has meaning because at that time in your life you wanted that tattoo. Does that make sense? Most of mine do have a bit of meaning behind it but some more than others! I now have 5 tattoos that are all pretty small so in the next 6 months I’d really love to get my first bigger piece. Does tattoo talk interest you guys? Do you want to hear more about them and the pain etc etc? Let me know.


Apart from that I will have to say that my life has been hectic but uneventful. I haven’t had anything really interesting happen and I’ve been feeling a little uninspired. Because I’ve been so busy, and super sick as well, I’ve been feeling uninspired with content ideas. I’m so tired all the time and just can’t seem to get the creative juices flowing! I am going to be doing Frocktober in October and that has been really excited so I’ll be smashing through the content during the month of October which has me excited!



What has been happening for you guys? Anything fun?

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  1. 1

    I am interested to know why you haven’t shared your other tattoos yet? Is their a reason behind that or are you planning on doing a big post about them or something?
    I have a tattoo. It’s not a good one. lol. I loved the design, which is just a heart with some vines coming off it with some flowers on the ends. But I wish I didn’t get it done where i did as it didn’t turn out very well and it is really faded. It literally means nothing to me, it doesn’t represent anything. I just wanted a tattoo and thats the design I liked. I’ve considered getting it fixed up, maybe one day I will. But honestly, I don’t care. I wanted a tattoo, I got a tattoo. I got to experience that and it’s part of me and my life and that’s that.
    I find it so weird how strongly some people are against tattoo’s. If you don’t like them, then don’t get one!

    • 2

      No other reason then I haven’t had a chance to take photos of them and for two I need isaac to take photos for me!

      I agree with what you are saying though. The experience means more then the tattoo. One of my new ones is a palm tree – it has very little reason behind it I just liked the design.. I hate how people blow things up when it comes to tattoos!

  2. 3

    Yes! Would love to see and hear about your tattoos! I have two (one recently as you would know) and want more!!! I really want an anime one just because I like it haha something from Sailor Moon or Spirited Away. Can’t wait to see your bigger piece in time!
    xo Kat @ Katness

  3. 5

    That’s so funny you got a coathanger on your wrist because a friend of mine who I used to hang out with like 5 years ago has basically the same tattoo! It’s really cute though and a nice subtle way to (presumably) show your love for fashion. :) And I find it interesting to see what tattoos people get so I’d like to see what your others are as well!

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