So you haven’t heard an update from me because we’ve actually had a bit going on lately…


First I want to RAVE about working from a cafe. Sounds completely wanky, and because I sit there and edit photos of myself it totally is, but fuck I got some work done. I loved being around people but nobody bothering me. I’ve tried working in a space with people I know and I just end up distracted with talking to them so it felt good to not have to talk to anyone around me but them still being there…. It made me accountable because I couldn’t just be like snapping photos of Simba or getting distracted by making food. I’m completely converted and I’m actually going to schedule Tuesday’s as my day where I go and work from a cafe in town. I think it’s going to be a positive thing for me.


I’ve mentioned this briefly before but last year when I started seeing a dietitian I had my hormones tested which revealed that I had a few issues that I ended up on supplements for. Fast forward a year and I was ready to stop seeing my dietitian but wanted to make sure my levels were all good . Considering I’d been supplemented for a year I thought that it was all going to be absolutely fine so the shitty results caught me completely off guard. Essentially they’re the same, if not worse, then 12 months ago and the recommended treatment plan is going to be pretty intense.

IRL and on the platform I’ve made it pretty clear we aren’t ready for kids yet but when I was asked if we were looking to conceive in the next 1-5 years it struck a cord. I mean it’s like not wanting something until you might not be able to have it. I instantly thought ‘should we start trying now?’ but that was just the emotions talking. We’ve spent so long trying not to get pregnant and then it feels really strange to be told that even if we weren’t being careful it probably wouldn’t happen anyway….. I’ve been a bit emotional this week to say the least. Are you guys interested in a more in-depth blog post about my experience and treatments? Would you like to stay updated? I’m happy to talk about it if you guys want to hear more about my experience.


We also have had some shitty news about a family member on Isaac’s side which has just highlighted the importance of spending time with family and being grateful for everyday. We’ve been making more of an effort to talk to the people we love and plan catch ups as much as we can. It’s been bittersweet!


What have you guys been up too?

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  1. 1

    I would be interested in hearing about your treatments for sure! Sorry you have had a bit of an emotional time, all you can do is get through it the best you can. xxx

  2. 3

    Hope everything is ok health wise. That’s sucky that you have to go on an intense treatment plan, you’ve been so healthy and active! And don’t let the annoying people asking about babies bother you. People are already asking me, and I just say I don’t feel comfortable with talking about my ovaries. Then again I’m pretty straight up. But its no ones business except you and Issac.

  3. 4

    Hormones are so annoying. You think it all stops when you’re a teen but they just linger around causing havoc in every moment of your life. Let us know if you need to chat about it, I’m always here. xx

  4. 5

    I’m sorry to hear you’ve had bad news about a family member although, this definitely does make us appreciate everyone and every little thing a bit more doesn’t it. I hope you’re well love x

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