Now we are well and truly into the cooler months I’m beginning to go over my routines with a fine tooth comb. Is my moisturiser breaking me out? Am I happy using that powder? Do I need a different cleanser? It’s something I think we all should be doing at this time of year! Here a few things to consider when updating your routine.

It’s one of the easiest way to moisturiser you skin overnight and have a noticeable difference in the morning. Facial oils are the bomb – so are skin oils so I’m a big fan of using oils through the cooler months. For the face you all know I’ve been loving the Medik8 offering however since I finished that I wanted something a little lighter as I’ve been finding my skin a little more combination lately. That’s where the Clarins Lotus Face Treatment Oil has come in handy and I’ve been LOVING the way it’s just so light on the skin but still gives my combination complexion the hit where it needs it. If you’ve tried rosehip oil and found it too heavy on the skin I really recommend this one.


The most important piece of advice I’ve ever been given is to listen to what my skin needs and wants. Lately I’ve found my legs are chronically dry especially after shaving so I’ve gone back to using the L’Occitane Almond Shower Oil when shaving and it’s made such a difference. Isaac also has been using this on his bald head (lol) as he has quite dry skin – works a treat. If you don’t know what your skin needs then talk to a professional! I highly recommend Dermalogica for skin consultations.


One of my friends freaked out when I told her to exfoliate her dry skin. I’m not talking about scrubbing it away but just regularly exfoliate and moisturise your skin – it really makes a big difference as you’re getting rid of that dead layer of dead skin cells. I’ve been incorporating a lighter and more hydrating skin base for day-to-day and it has really helped my skin feel less dry at the end of the day. My weapon of choice has been the Clarins HydraQuench Tinted Moisturiser SPF15. It’s light, glowy and doesn’t make my skin freak out – win.


Whether it’s skincare or your make up sometimes you just need to swap a few things out to feel fresh again. For me I’ve stopped using waterproof mascaras (thank goodness because removing them sucks) because I’m not sweating as much throughout the day. Now I’m using the Clarins Be Long Mascara which is a REALLY REALLY old favourite and I’m loving it. The power of changing the simplest of things throughout the year can make the biggest difference to how you feel so look over your routine and see what needs swapping out.


What are your favourite ways to change your routine?

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    i love exfoliating my dry skin…is that weird? I should really add an oil into my routine. my skin is super super dry but I’m really working at getting rid of my spots and the only products that seem to work are the ones that dry my skin out. grrr!!

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      Me too! It’s so satisfying to do. Oh girl I know your pain, my chin is next level spotty at the moment and it’s killing me!!!!!

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    I love how comprehensive your tips are. And I do agree that it is important to listen to your skin. Just because someone raves about a certain product that you should jump into it without considering what your skin needs.

    Abby | My Hair Care

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