This is my follow on from my MORNING routine I posted a few months ago. I’ve been meaning to get to this post however the night time routine took a little longer for me to perfect.  As most of you will know I’m currently using predominately, Ultraceuticals, for my skincare. Without sounds very dramatic but this brand has completely changed my skin and I’ve never felt happier with how my skin is.




Just a little FYI all products have been gifted to me in the past, however, I really freaking believe in the brand/prodz and continually repurchase the line. This post features products I have been gifted initially, repurchased and been sent again as a top up but I’m on my third bottle of some products so I cannot remember which is which. All I can say is skincare is very important to me and I wouldn’t be recommending anything I didn’t believe in. 


I will start out and tell you I have combination/oily skin with my main concerns being hormonal breakouts that never seem to fade or go away. I also have quite open pores on my nose with blackheads but this routine is aimed to help my skin turnover fasten up and brighten my pigmentation and scarring I can’t seem to kick! I was prescribed this treatment line by the girls at Bendigo Skin Clinic and I wholeheartedly recommend going and having a skin consultation with a professional because it does make all the difference.



Initially, Chantelle from Bendigo Skin Clinic recommended the Ultimate Brightening Cleanser from the MD line and I love that cleanser. It is a gel-based cleanser that foams up but never feels stripping or like it leaves the skin feeling tight. I expressed my concern with using something that is foaming and it is all about the quality of the product so please don’t be scared if you’re recommended something similar by a professional! Not too long ago I decided to switch that out for the same same but different cleanser from their normal line. Why? It is a little bit cheaper and also accessible online rather than only being able to get the MD products from in-salon after a recommendation. I’ve been trialing the Ultra Brightening Foaming Cleanser and I do think it is great quality, non-stripping and removes all the excess grime that may be left of your skin post makeup removal BUT I have to admit I do prefer the Ultimate Brightening Cleanser from the MD line. There is just something about it that has me wishing that is what I was using everytime I use this. When I’ve finished this tube I will be repurchasing the MD line cleanser however both are great and if I was low on cash I wouldn’t hestitate to use the Ultra line cleanser again.


2-3 nights a week I also swap the gel cleanser out for an exfoliator to help with my blackheads on my nose. For this, I use the Ultra Gentle Exfoliating Gel (not pictured) and honestly guys it is the best exfoliator I have ever used (in terms of a manual scrub). It leaves my skin feeling so so smooth and refreshed with being tight (if you can’t tell I HATE that feeling) and the tube is massive so it’s a great cost effective product. Highly recommend if you’re on the hunt for a scrub.



This is where I ran into some issues when I first went onto the routine. This Ulitmate Brightening Serum I was meant to be using every single night because it really helps with hyperpigmentation, however, I had some issues with it drying out my skin. What Chantelle and I decided to do was use it every second night, in the beginning, work my way up and then if I felt like I was still having issues to layer the Hydrating Serum I use in the morning over top. That little trick has really helped me out and I no longer experience dryness. In terms of this product doing what it claims to do, holy shit it is AMAZING, I’ve used products like the Alpha-H Liquid Gold and enjoyed them but this is a whole new level of making my skin look radiant and reducing any scarring. I am about to do the same as what I’ve done with my cleanser and switch to trying the Ultra line one but I’ll keep you posted on my stories with how that goes.



Another step I changed up was adding this Ultimate Bio-Repair Moisturiser instead of the Hydrating Lotion that I use in the morning. In the first few months I was using the Hydrating Lotion bother morning and night but with the switch out of super-rich moisturisers, I always felt at night time my skin needed an extra boost. I do know my skin was getting enough with the Hydrating Lotion but I feel as though this Ultimate Bio-Repair is just that little bit more hydrating and better for my particular skin at night time. It has also helped with the dryness I was having with the serum and now I no longer experience any issues when I use this over the top.


During winter I always get dry patches around my eyes so I opted for the basic Ultra Moisturiser Eye Cream because I’m quite young and never have any issues with darkness. This is the most basic option for eye care from the line and there isn’t much to say about it. It hydrates, smoothes and doesn’t cause any irritation around my sensitive eyes. Because I don’t have any ‘problems’ I can’t say that I notice any benefits apart from hydration.



So this routine is about 1/3 of what I used to do and the results I have are much greater. It just goes to show sometimes simple is best and that tailoring a routine with the help of a professional can really make all the difference. I’m super passionate about taking care of your skin and I realize these products are on the price-y side but because the routine is so simple and I know it is tailored to helping my skin I don’t mind spending the money. It makes so much more sense to me then continuously buying products that I’m not sure will work or will fight with other products in my routine.



What does your skin routine look like?

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  1. 1

    Such an interesting routine! I’m personally someone who really enjoys layring skincare and at the moment I’m at a point of figuring everything out!

    Olga from Myme

  2. 2

    We seem to have kinda similar skin issues. I have hormonal breakouts and I feel like by the time they have healed up the next breakout comes along. I stopped exfoliating because I stupidly watched an acne video online and she said she cleared her skin by not exfoliating ever! My skin was SO dry and so dull from doing that. Now I exfoliate nearly every day. maybe thats overkill but it helps me, I feel like I get a lot of dry or dead skin if I don’t. I really can’t seem to get the balance right though. My skin is oily now but a lot clearer. If I was to use products for oily skin my skin would become too dry & vice versa. My skin is also super red. But I think that is genetic because my mums skin is the same. One day I hope to see a professional about my skin. I feel like I’ve suffered with it for so very long!

  3. 3

    I’m so glad you’re loving it! I’ve just started using the hydrating serum and I’m obsessed! I’m going to start layering it on top of my other serums.

  4. 4

    Glad to hear you’ve got a routine that’s working so well for you and that you’re seeing results. :) I’ve not tried anything from Ultraceuticals before but I am curious about doctor-brands like that because they tend to know what they’re talking about, and the marketing/blurb about a product is a lot more straightforward than like a makeup brand trying to brand out into skincare, for example.

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