As most of you will know I’m currently using one brand, Ultraceuticals, for my skincare. Sometimes with treatments I do stray however for the bulk of my routine I am using just Ultra and my skin is loving it! I thought I’d take you through my morning routine a little more in depth with reviews of each of the products so that you guys get all the details on my experience with the brand.


FYI all products were gifted to me however I really freaking believe in the brand/prodz and plan to continually repurchase the line!


I will start out and tell you I have combination/oily skin with my main concerns being hormonal breakouts that never seem to fade or go away. I also have quite open pores on my nose with blackheads but this routine is aimed to help my skin turnover fasten up and brighten my pigmentation and scarring I can’t seem to kick!


At the beginning of me starting this new fancy routine I was washing my face thoroughly with the cleanser I use at night but I was finding it a little too much effort and like my face didn’t NEED to be deeply cleansed. Chantelle from Bendigo Skin Clinic recommended the Ultra B2 Micellar Solution and I’ve been super happy with the formulation and find it way less drying then other micellar solutions I’ve used in the past. The packaging on mine leaks but I’m going to repurchase and hope that it was just a faulty bottle so I’ll keep you posted on that!


For serum I apply the Ultimate B2 Hydrating Serum and this is hands down my favourite product from the range I am using. Of course it’s one of the most expensive! It’s the one that has really been helping bring my skin back to life and appear more plump. It’s the bomb. Previous to this routine I wasn’t really dedicated to a morning serum because I didn’t know what was appropriate to use without interrupting my usual make up base. This is the type of serum I feel most – if not all – skin types would really benefit from because it just adds that boost without being another heavy layer.


If I’m being honest I really loved my Skinstitut moisturiser I’ve been using for years so I found it a little hard to replace that in the morning however this is a similar product. The Ultra Hydrating Lotion isn’t a gel consistency but it is a light cream that sinks is super quick. It isn’t a crazy thick, hydrating moisturiser and I’ve found it a little hard to adapt to these products absorbing so quickly because they’re still working without sitting on top of the skin AT ALL. That is a big change because previously if I product took a little while to absorb it made me feel like it was really nourishing my skin which, for some, may have been true but it’s a welcomed changed to have products that absorb so quickly but still work.


I’ve always harped on about the importance of SPF and it’s ridiculously important but my confession is that I wasn’t really regularly applying one! EPPPP! Due to my skincare routine at night time (coming soon!) I’ve had to ensure that my skin is protected, the products I’m using make it more sensitive to the sun, so I’ve been using the Ultra UV Protective Daily Moisturiser in the Mattifying version. I love it! It isn’t sticky and my make up base products always absorb super well into the skin. It doesn’t make me more oily throughout the day and it is honestly the best SPF I’ve personally ever used. Sometimes I do skip moisturiser and just apply this over my serum and it also gives enough hydration to warrant that.


What products are you using in the mornings?


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    I’m so happy you’re loving the brand! Their products are amazing! The lotion was weird for me to adapt to as well, I felt it was too light weight but at the same time it worked! And the SPF is my fave! I tend to just use that as my moisturiser and its more than enough.

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