The past few months my skin has been silly and really getting me down. I’ve always had hormonal breakouts on my chin but in the most recent cycles I’ve seen the largest, under skin, sore blind spots over my chin of my adult life. I can deal with an odd pimple here and there but it was so out of control it was really affecting my mood and confidence so something had to be done.


I asked on Insta-stories what people recommended and I was overwhelmed. Thank you to everyone who responded but I went with what Rachel suggested which was getting in touch with Ultraceuticals. I’ve seen Rach’s before and afters and ALWAYS been blown away with how amazing her skin is after using the brand so I reached out. I explained my situation to the lovely team who then set me up to visit Bendigo Skin Clinic here in Bendigo for a skin consultation and treatments. I could have cried when I read the email because my skin was in such bad condition (relative to me) I was desperate. Neither Bendigo Skin Clinic OR Ultraceuticals have asked me to share my experience or paid me to chat to you guys about my experience however these products were provided to me free of charge.


On my skin consultation day I had the lovely Chantelle from Bendigo Skin Clinic look after me and I was completely comfy chatting to her about my skin issues. She listen attentively and knew exactly what we were going to do to help out my pimple-y skin. The one thing I took away from the consult is that sometimes when you’re using a range of products from all different brands they can actually work against each other rather then together. It makes total sense doesn’t it? A brand designs a range to work its best in conjunction with the other products in the line not with a bunch of random products. I know it may sound like a cop out but it’s something I’m very conscious of now in that if I do stray from this routine I want to do my research into ingredients and make sure that things will work together.


The clinic in Bendigo is so cute and I was greeted with ginger tea (so good) and the lovely owner Claire was super helpful as well. They were understanding in the fact I do test products for a living but as I’ve said to you guys on Insta-stories I’m now committed to this routine until I feel really comfy with my skin. If you’ve never had a skin consultation (I hadn’t can you believe) I would highly recommend you giving it a go because it really helped me understand my skin better! I can wholeheartedly say the girls at Bendigo Skin Clinic were so patient and attentive in listening to what I prefer with finishes etc AND also not pushy at all. They didn’t recommend a billion products but instead simplified things which made me happy because when I come to repurchase I don’t want a hugely extensive routine that will cost $1000.

We decided that my skin was probably struggling to renew and the pigmentation left behind needs some help moving along so here is the routine we’ve come up with.

AM –
Ultimate Brightening Foaming Cleanser (I am about to replace this for the micellar water from the range)
Ultimate B2 Hydrating Serum
Ultra Hydrating Lotion
Ultra UV Protective Daily Moisturiser – Mattifying

Ultimate Brightening Foaming Cleanser
Ultimate Brightening Serum
Ultra Hydrating Lotion


So far I’ve been using the routine for three weeks and I’m loving most of the routine. It took some getting used to such an extensive morning routine because I was just swiping over some micellar water, slapping on some moisturiser (no SPF) and calling it a day – hence why I’m about to replace with a micellar in the AM. I’m happy to report that my skin is happy with the layered products I’m using in the morning which I could do a dance about. I feel like I’m getting tonnes of hydration without overloading or feeling super heavy throughout the day.


Another problem I’ve been experiencing has been dryness from using the brightening serum around my eye area. In order to combat that I’m now dropping it back to every second night and/or layering the B2 Hydrating Serum over the top if I need it. The evening routine is super simple but I think that’s what I needed – some clearer direction in what to use that’ll be super effective rather then 10 million layers and hoping for the best. The only thing I do want to add into this routine is an eye cream though but I’ll chat to Chantelle about that when I’m in there next.


FYI you receive a follow up phone call to see how the routine is going a week later so it’s great to be able to reassess the routine with a chat! I really loved checking in with Chantelle and being able to see how we are going with it. It made me less worried about the dryness I was experiencing as I could adjust quite simply on the spot.

You’ll also notice that I’m using a combination of the MD line and the regular line. MD is the clinical brand you can only get in a clinic and because of my skin issues Chantelle suggested that we started with some of that and see how it went. So far I’m loving all the products but it’s just about how I’m using them, i.e. the brightening serum, but like with everything it will be a juggling act. I never expected to nail it the first time we set up a routine.

Overall I’m super impressed with the quality of every single product and how my skin is changing. I’ve currently got my period and only have one blind pimple which makes me do a little happy dance. My chin area where there is pigmentation is still a working progress but I’m really confident in these products after the progress I’ve seen. I cannot wait to show you before and after snaps!


I will be keeping you up-to-date with how the routine is going and I’m planning on doing a morning/evening skincare routine post once the final details are worked out so keep an eye out for that. I also will be sharing a before/after post of my skin after one month of use so you can expect that in the coming weeks as well!


As I said I was in a pretty dark place with my skin and I feel so happy I could cry that I’ve been able to be in touch with Bendigo Skin Clinic and Ultraceuticals. None of this was sponsored but I’m so fucking grateful to the girls at BSC and the team at Ultraceuticals for sorting me out. I’m at a place now that I just want to do the best for my skin and invest in product lines I know work rather then worrying about what the latest launches are or dipping in and out of products.


Have you tried Ultraceuticals? Have you ever had a skin consultation?


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  1. 1

    Thanks for the shout out! And I’m so glad that you’re seeing results! Now that you’ve had your first treatment get ready for your skin to accelerate! Also I’m quite surprised you apply the Lotion then the SPF and moisturiser on top- its seems a bit unnecessary to do both steps… I only use the SPF and moisturiser in the morning on top of my serum.

    Also that micellar water is amazing- I don’t have it personally but every time I use it before a treatment I’m so impressed with how effective it is at removing makeup.

  2. 3

    That is so great that you have found something that is working for you Sarah! I was chatting to my cosmetologist the other day when I was having my last facial about the products that I use, and she said the same thing about mixing products, especially products that contain active ingredients!! So I am definitely going to be saying yes to less skincare products, as the skin is the biggest organ, and I definitely want to look after it the best I can!! I cant wait to see the before and afters!!!

    Mel xx || Loads of Lifestyle

  3. 5

    I still have yet to try Ultraceuticals but a lot of the girls on insta tell me they’re amazing. Really glad to hear that your consultation went well and they seem so lovely too! My skin is going a little funny atm too so I’m hoping it’s just the change in weather. (it’s getting warm and cold here in Sydney ) This was a great read Sarah :) xx

    This Damsel Loves Blog

    • 6

      I’m so happy with the brand! I hadn’t heard anything apart from Rach raving so I’m glad I took the plunge and tried it.

  4. 7

    So glad you have found something that works for you! Having a good skincare routine and outside help from professionals is a great step in the right direction! I remember being a teen thinking my skin woes would soon be over. How wrong I was :P

    Kate | themintedblog.com

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