The saying goes ‘the more money you have the more money you spend’ and if as soon as pay day rolls around you and your bank card are headed towards the shops for a spending spree it is so difficult to resist the urge to spend all that hard earned cash, however here are some ways to save and scrimp so that your savings account rightfully earns its name.


1. Save on Food & Drinks
 Food and drink purchases pop up all too often; when you’re on lunch break at work, when you would rather drink something from the vending machine instead of water or when Mcdonalds appears in your recent transactions more than once… Just like healthy eating spending money on food and drinks is all about moderation. Start off small and try bringing lunch from home maybe 2 or 3 times a week to work or uni. It might get a little bit boring but you can end up saving yourself roughly $30 by the end of the week. Do it for a whole month and that is $120 in your back pocket.


2. Go To Places that cost nothing
(Much more difficult in Winter I know) Hit up a library, park, beach, lake or market. You will also be more happier as it is a moment and experience bringing you joy and not a million clothing racks.


3. Get Cash Out
Next time you have a stack of cash pay attention and notice how much more you don’t want to spend it because you can physically see it. When you can visualise the cash  decreasing you are less likely to spend it. It tricks your brain. It is so very easy to swipe or even spend a whole lot of money with paypass as your debit card remains the same.


4. No, You Don’t NEED That, You WANT That
One of the most annoying things to hear when shopping with someone else (guys literally say this all the time) however it sometimes is true. Try as best as you can to learn the difference between a ‘need to buy‘ item and a ‘want to buy item‘ I like to classify ‘need’ items under the 3 ‘B’s; Bills, Birthday’s and Basics. Bills for me are things like phone, gym and car payments. They have to be paid for no matter how boring spending money on them is. Birthdays are for gifts and cards and Basics are for things such as underwear, socks, t-shirts and jeans. Basic items you are always going to need and wear. As much as it is easy to think we need that new pair of heels or that new handbag we don’t.


5. Value = Hours
This is something new I have started to do, when I see something and I am thinking of buying it, I calculate the price in terms of how many hours of work I had to do to get that much money. This helps a lot as 95% of the time I end up thinking too much of my energy and time had to be put in to earning enough money for that and I don’t really want to spend it and if I do still want the item even though I may have worked a long shift for it that just means it will definitely be worn, used and loved!


6. Shop The Sales Wisely
Sales are great when you still want to shop a little as you save more money because stock is at a reduced or discounted price however be very smart and don’t buy something just because it is on sale otherwise you aren’t actually saving money. Buying something on sale that you never wear or something that doesn’t fit properly is not worth it and you may aswell buy something full price.


7. Temporary Spending Ban
These can be difficult for even the most dedicated saver but become a temporary tightass and only spend money on the things you absolutely have to spend money on. The things necessary for you to live.


8. Avoid & Forget
When and where you can avoid the shops and try not to browse online stores (goodbye asos *sad face*) Another quick tip is to leave your bank card at home/ in the car somewhere safe or with your mum so it takes more effort to get it if you feel like spending by then you may end up being lazy or having someone talk you out of it that you don’t spend the money.


9. Lists For Days
Write a list of all the monthly payments and costs you have to pay for on essential items like bills and petrol add them all up and take it away from what you earn. What you have left over is your saving/spending money. Be sure to leave a little for life events (birthdays, anniversaries and all the celebrations that seem to pop up!) as well as some spending money to treat yourself at the end of the month to something special because you do deserve a treat. The rest is savings that can get put straight into your account. If that is a little more complicated just half your pay every time you get paid and put half away to save.


10. Have a goal
It is so much easier to save when you have a set amount, set goal or set thing to save for. It could be a smaller thing to save for like a new iPad or something bigger like an overseas holiday or a payment on a house. No matter the goal you will get there eventually and the saving will be well worth every penny.


Do you struggle with saving money? What are you saving for?

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  1. 1

    These are great tips, Thank you for sharing! I completely agree that you should take money out instead of just paying by plastic, because you can actually see how much your spending. Also keeping track of everyday spend, and money in and out is a great way to keep on top of your spending, so you can work out how much you actually have to spend x


    • 2

      It is such a weird thing how when you can see it you actually spend less because then your purse is emptier and emptier! xx

  2. 3
    • 4

      Yes an app is a great idea! Let me know how you go with it lovely, I am keen to try out apps for every thing :)

  3. 5
    • 6

      Ooooh flights are always an exception! I hope you have a lovely stay here when you’re here :) Save now for some spending money later xx

  4. 7
    • 8

      Haha, makeup is a killer… no you don’t need another foundation, you already have 10 and then you still end up buying it anyway… oops. you understand me! xx

  5. 9
  6. 11
    • 12

      I’m not sure how well I will save in summer because all I will want to do is buy summer things. Winter helps me save haha! Good luck hun xx

  7. 13

    I’ve never had problems with saving money. I earn money, I save some, I spend some. That’s it :)

  8. 15

    I do the same thing in terms of value = hours. It’s hard to justify buying something when you worked for so long and so hard just to make that money! I also really like temporary spending bans but they’re hard to stick to!

    Nabihah | The Sunday Wardrobe

    • 16

      It works so well I have found and then if you do spend it you know how long you had to work for it which is good. Spending bans are so hard to stick to haha I am trying to stick to one now and so far so good! xx

  9. 17

    I totally agree with so many of these! Whenever pay day comes around I always put at least half into savings! Lately I’ve been getting less shifts though (aka none) so I’m definitely on a spending ban – I have so many things I need to save up for!

    Tasha // shiwashiful.

    • 18

      You’re so good. Some weeks I save half and others I don’t when I should be! I know how that feels lovely I hate when there is suddenly a drop in shifts. I used to get 1 a month and now I’m working all the time without a minute to spare! Hopefully things pick up and you can save save save! xx

  10. 19
  11. 21
    • 22

      Ahhh! I have just started trying out a capsule wardrobe at the moment so far I’ve purged my wardrobe like no tomorrow! Piles and piles of clothes! Thanks for reading lovely xx

  12. 23

    I am a total scrooge! I tend to only buy stuff I ‘need’ and will literally chuck laps around a store holding onto something only to put it back. I do splurge every now and again though, thankfully my general thriftiness means no one (husband!) notices :)

    • 24

      Good Work! I have started doing that actually haha the extra laps save you money which is great :)

  13. 25
    • 26

      I know right! My work is so close to the food court so even though I am eating healthy at the moment salad costs $11 a day! Way too much to spend for my liking haha! xx

  14. 27

    Love the tips :) I find selling unwanted stuff when trying to save for something really great. Also meal planning is a big money saver for me. It means that I don’t have to pop into the shop to buy milk and then then spend and extra $50 on unwanted items. On a side note though! I love how organised that bag is? Is it yours if so I’d love to know where it’s from. I’m totally digging the little compartment for the bottle.

  15. 29

    Love these tips. <3 I often try to convince myself that I "need" lots of new things, when deep down inside- I know that's not really the case. haha.

    • 30

      Thanks lovely! I am so so so prone to doing it too… like everyday but it is actually so easy once you get the ball rolling you end up not spending much at all and only buying the things you actually need and not “need” xx

  16. 31
    • 32

      You can save so much money by just making them yourself when you can or buying them just a little bit less. You can do it! :)

  17. 33

    Great tips, especially the avoid and forget. That can be super tough when you follow a million beauty bloggers all raving about Champaign Pop and I don’t even really like highlighters all that much haha! I find if I just keep scrolling and ignore, I save my cash! :P xx

    • 34

      Absolutely, when I was blogging more on Little White Lane before I started working full time I spent so much money on stuff because bloggers wrote about it haha now I still do but not as much! I feel your pain girl. Just buy what you want to try and don’t always give into the blogger hype. :) xx

  18. 35

    these are great tips! i’m really bad for adding things i don’t particularly need to my cart when there’s a sale on but i’ve gotten a lot better at deciding to sleep on it and see if i still want everything in the morning and now it takes me a lot more thought before i press the “confirm order” button!

    jessica – littlehenrylee.com

    • 36

      Thankyou :) that is something I actually hadn’t thought about or mentioned, saving smart and spending smart! xx

  19. 37

    Such great tips. The problem with spending bans is you tend to sometimes go a bit crazy after thinking of how good you’ve been! Or maybe that’s just me. :P

    • 38

      Hahah that is true I have done that before too don’t worry. I guess just try and treat yourself to one massive more expensive item that you’ve really wanted after you’ve had a spending ban to reward your efforts. You can do it!

  20. 39
    • 40

      Thankyou! Easy tips are always needed otherwise they are too hard and require too much effort and with saving money the reward is usually a while away so it takes too long if they are not simple! Where are you moving to lovely? Good luck with it all :)

  21. 41

    UGHH WHY IS FOOD SO EXPENSIVE. I definitely like bringing my own lunch although it’s not as yummy haha :P And I’m so bad with just swiping and go! Cash out is a good tip. It’s so hard not to buy the things I WANT because then there’s nothing in my closet I loooveee if you know what I mean. Haha I need some self control asap…

    Sheri | Behind The Frames

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