The Australian Skin Institute is the product line for Brazilian Beauty salons with the objective to provide hand-made, fresh and active formulations for the salons customers. I had the opportunity to try a few products and I thought I’d share my experiences with them. 

The Pure Potent-C (see what they did there?) is the name of the range and it’s is made in small batches having an expired date of six months – that’s how fresh and packed full of goodness it is. Some may see that as a negative because six months really isn’t that long to have a 50mL bottle of moisturiser however if you’re using them exclusively it shouldn’t be a problem.

I started off just the Multi-Vitamin Cleanser as I don’t like using more than one new product in my routine at a time. The cleanser is designed to be used morning and night loaded with loads of awesome ingredients like Vitamin C and chamomile. The cleanser itself has a lovely fresh scent and the gel formulation feels gorgeous against the skin with minimal foaming so your skin is never left stripped. Unfortunately that’s where it ended for me as I found that it did break me out and after persisting for two weeks I finally had to let it go! For some reason my skin really didn’t like this one. My Mum, to her delight, has been using the cleanser since I’ve stopped and reports back are positive so it’s a fab product that just didn’t work for me.

The Intensive Daily Multivitamin was the winner of the duo for me and one I thoroughly enjoy. It contains vitamin C, a small percentage of retinol and Vitamin B3 which work together to deeply penetrate the skin and target fine lines, wrinkles, pigmentation and open pores. I use this only at night because it doesn’t contain SPF and I really love the formulation. It’s light, moisturising and I feel as though when I wake up my skin looks glowing. This is one that could work for a wide range of age groups again too!

Onto the last product I’ve been trialling and it’s been an interesting one – a Facial Cleansing Brush. I have given up using electronic cleansing brushes at the moment and this has been a few welcomed alternative. It’s very soft – made of natural bamboo (vegan-friendly) and it just helps make your cleansers penetrate the skin whilst simulating circulation, gently exfoliating which in turn will improve the skin tone and texture. I LOVE this product! It’s so luxurious but gentle to use and although it needs replacing every six months I ADORE the way it feels and I can see it being a firm favourite for years to come.

Overall I enjoyed the bits I tried and I would recommend not freaking out if your beauty therapist is trying to sell you products – they are great quality and worth the price tag. If you have sensitive skin perhaps ask for a little sample pot to take home before investing but otherwise these products would suit a great range of skin type and ages!

Have you tried any ASI products? What did you think?

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