As promised in last week’s Happy Mail review here is a sneaky look at what was included in the April Messy Box. A Beautiful Mess have nailed this subscription service and the unique concept has me hooked!



The bulk of the kit is made up with different sized pocket paper which fit perfectly into the ‘Messy Book’ that ABM also sell (clever, huh). This month there was alot of spring like colour included along with some contrasting monochrome patterns as well. I love how each month there are unique inclusions but they still compliment each other – ABM have been nailing that.


Other inclusions that made up the kick were a roll of washi tape (yay!), tiny alpha stickers which are basic but SO useful, a date stamp that rolls different sayings – the first tool included in the kits and a packet of thin plastic hearts and dots in this gorgeous peach tones.


Writing it up it doesn’t sound like much but it really is a decent amount of crafty goods. I especially love the inclusion of the date stamp and cannot wait to start using that! The only thing I don’t find useful is the ‘spring’ cards as I’m in the southern hemisphere it’s autumn so they’ll be saved for later on in the year. They will be useful for later on but I hope not all the boxes are seasonally themed as it’s a little off for customers around the worldwide.

Messy Box is available to subscribe to via the ABM website here 

What do you think of this Messy Box?

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    Too much cuteness! I’m going to start getting Messy Box after my Happy Mail subscription ends (I think I’ve only got a few left) This one looked amazing though, gutted to have missed it!

    Cass | CassandraMyee

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