One of my most asked questions is how I’m so good at scheduling posts and manage to blog daily. I’m going to come right out and say that I sacrificed full time employment in order to have a few days at home so that I can run More Than Adored. I know that isn’t an option for alot of people but even with the two/three days (depending on the week and how busy we are at my other job) I’m at home, I do struggle. A little perspective is that I work either on my blog or at my retail management job six days a week. Monday and Tuesday I’m always at home, Wednesday-Saturday I’m at the shop and Sunday is my only day off – but in all honesty I wouldn’t say I’m ‘off’ as often Sunday is spent doing DIY’s or trying out new recipes etc for upcoming content.

My point with all that is – I don’t work a traditional full-time job and although I am busy I’m very grateful to work at home on the website at least two days a week. It does mean I am on a lower wage from week to week as I grow MTA into becoming a full-time job but I’m happy and I value that.

Now that’s all out on the table how do YOU create an awesome blog schedule whilst working full time or just being a busy person like me? Here is my creative process and top tips for making it work for you!


Do a major brain vomit every couple of weeks. Whether it be in a mind map form, list or rough notes just get all your ideas you’ve been thinking out!!! What works super well for me is writing a list of rough blog posts titles and then listing products or key ideas I want to include in each title. Don’t have any ideas in your head? Don’t beat yourself up! I find that reading blogs, books, magazines or scouring Pinterest a great way to get the creative juices flowing. This is super important to do at least once a month because there is nothing worse then having free time in your week but not knowing what to write. I always have at least 10 blog titles saved as a draft even if I haven’t done any work on constructing them.


This is a big one and possibly the most important aspect on creating a blog schedule that works for you. I’m a bit of an organisational freak naturally so I’m pretty lucky that it comes fairly easy to me.edit-flow-calendar-screenshotUsing the blog post titles that I brainstormed I put a rough guessmination for the week ahead when I’d like to post them. I use the plugin ‘Edit Flow’ and it’s possibly the BEST thing I use for keeping my site organised. There is a calendar feature which allows you to see the month in advanced. You can drop and drag titles around making it easy to change the dates of posts and edit directly from the calendar. If there is one thing you WordPress users get out of this post it’s to download Edit-Flow because it will change your life.

I also do the same thing on paper using a ‘weekly planner’ pad from Kikki-K. Why do I do it twice? Because I use the weekly planner pad to cross off what I’ve done, more on that in point three! I tend to plan 7 days at a time because any more then that I feel overwhelmed and if I feel overwhelmed then I don’t feel like do anything. For me a weeks worth of content is 7 posts but for you it may be only be 3 or may be 14 – find what works for YOU. Maybe start small and work your way up!


By now you should be blog titles that you’re super excited about. You’ve brainstormed, planned them out with dates and now it’s all about creating a list of things you need to do to get those posts scheduled. I usually break it down by photo, editing photos, writing, inserting links and then finally scheduling for each post. I have a week planner that I write the blog title then the letters ‘P,E,W,L,S’ and I highlight when I’ve completed them. I also do the same for social media underneath.

I know this sounds crazy organised but it really helps with not making you feel overwhelmed and also you get excited when you’re ticking stuff off. I also create a general list of jobs like
– respond to flagged emails
– send off parcels to team members
– thank Laura for samples
You get the idea. That’s separate and I do those jobs only after I’ve scheduled my posts.


This goes for what blog titles you’re looking at doing, how many posts you’re going to do in the week and the lists you create. I say, less is more when it comes to your lists! Creating small lists of jobs is more realistic and will enable you to prioritise your jobs. When it comes to how many posts you do per week/month – never overload yourself. If you’re comfortable doing three a week go with that. Don’t feel like you HAVE to be posting daily. For your blog titles if you’re working five or six days a week planning a ‘how to make concrete planters’ for tomorrow isn’t realistic because you’re not going to be able to do that by tomorrow (that’s an extreme example but you get me). Planning in advance does help with allowing you to create those awesome blog posts but just ensure that you’re giving yourself plenty of time to do achieve those goals otherwise you won’t end up posting anything!


I cannot stress enough how much this helps me. I try to take all blog posts in one go if possible. I know if you’re a food blogger or DIY blogger that may not be possible but if you can I recommend it. Also if you’re planning to review a product later on snap some photos whilst you’re going then you’ll be ahead when it comes to scheduling that post. If you work full time try doing this one a Sunday afternoon so that during the week you don’t need to stress about taking photos before the sun has gone.


This is something I know won’t be possible for everyone to do but I always try to write when I’m really feeling it or do a rough write up that I’ll edit it later. Rough writing is great because you get an idea of what you want to say and then when you’re busy later it’s not as daunting to sit down and edit something as it is to write a whole blog post from scratch.


As I said I’m always planning 7 days ahead but if I know I’m going away for a wedding or something I’ll really knuckle down and get a little ahead of my game so I’m able still put posts up whilst I’m away. Of course sometimes things come up and you’re not able to get ahead beforehand so that’s when stock piled blog posts really really come in handy. These are posts that won’t expire and you can easily schedule if something is to arise. It’s funny because for me one of my ‘stockpiled’ features is ‘5 Must-Have Beauty Products Under $15’ which is one of my most popular series. My point is – these posts don’t have to be viewed as a crappy filler post they can be just as good of quality (and should be) as your normal content so nobody will ever know!


What are your top tips for creating an awesome blog schedule?

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I'm a retail manager by day and a blogger by night aiming to bring you the newest beauty, fashion and lifestyle news. More Than Adored was created to help beauty lovers, like myself, make informed decisions when it comes to buying new goodies.

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    I’ve recently decided that I am going to try and post every weekday and that I needed some sort of schedule to help me out, so I couldn’t have read this post at a better time really. Usually I’m really spontaneous with my posts and literally decide what I’m going to post about the day before, or on the day, but I’ve been writing down all my blog post ideas because I don’t think I’ll be able to do that anymore! I also really need to get into using a calendar to plan when I am going to put up each post!

    The Velvet Black // UK
    Style & Beauty Blog

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      Oh perfect! I hope it helped :) having a calendar is so hopefully and I love writing a list and crossing things off as I go. About to hope over to your blog and have a peep now :) xxx

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      Ah you go girl! That’s amazing :D Edit Flow is super helpful for me to visually see what’s coming up and be able to drop and drag posts around calendar makes creating a schedule amazing! xx

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    Saved this one to reference later! You have some great tips here, especially love the Break it Down/Create a List section. And I’ll have to check out that WordPress plugin!

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    Fantastic tips as always! You’re so organized! I plan my posts the weekend before the week as I don’t post daily, and my posts are often based on what I did/ate last week. Taking all the pictures at the same time’s a great idea – you get luck with lighting down here due to the recent wet and windy winter weather!

    • 20

      Thanks lovely! I am fairly organised naturally and with my other job I have to be so content is still going up daily. It’s a juggling act but worth it :) taking bulk pictures has helped me so many times… xx

  11. 21

    Thanks Sarah :-) Great tips! I’m a big list writer as well. It feels great to tick items off the list.

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    Great post Sarah! I love the part about doing a major brain vomit. I do it every other week too. Doesn’t matter if I thought the idea was bad at the time; I’ll just write it down. Never know, might turn into something good. Oooh I’ve not heard of Edit Flow, just Editorial Calendar and CoSchedule (if you haven’t tried the latter, you have to give it a go. SO GOOD). I’ll check it out now.

    • 26

      Thanks lovely! I’ve heard so many good things about Co Schedule so I’m downloading it now :) thanks for the tip! xxx

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  15. 29

    Wow. I love your level of organisation! So many awesome tips. Love the way you batch your tasks and totally with you on planning a week ahead. I can’t seem to do any more than that anyway ;)
    So glad I discovered you via Son (life love & hiccups) xx

  16. 31

    LOVE all of these tips. Several I already do but need to harness them better. I find I’m good at thinking of the title and getting them on the schedule… it’s the writing and posting part that trips me up ;)

    • 32

      Ah it can be tough! I find writing the most tedious just because I enjoy the creativity of photography more :)

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    Awesome tips, Sarah!
    We have a list with all our post ideas, and when we sit down to decide what to post in the next month, we don’t have to brainstorm for ideas; we just decide which ones we want to do and when. We usually come up with ideas while working on other posts, or randomly during the day :)


    • 37

      Thank you! I’m a bit the same with blog post ideas so I always carry around a notebook to scribble stuff down :) x

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