Every now and then I get a wave of emails asking for blogging advice which I do my best to reply too. Today I thought I’d share 6 tips I’ve learnt have really helped me along the way.


A bit of background about where I’m at with More Than Adored after 2 years of blogging. I now work on the site 2-3 days a week and create a part time income from the site. It’s taken me the past 12 months to figure out the direction I want to take this site and what projects I’d like to work on next. Let’s just say 2016 is going to be a REALLY exciting year and I can’t wait to show you guys! For now here are some super valuable tips that have helped me along the way.


If you’ve done any reading about blogging and taking your blog to the ‘next level’ you’ll know that most people will bang on about a niche. I have to say MTA is a little broader then the typical niche focusing on beauty and style for women however if you want your blog to grow a little quicker focusing on a particular group of people will help. Say you love animals and what to have an animal blog, if you narrow that down to a particular breed then you’ll be attracting a particular audience who are interested. It’s all about identifying your area of expertise and then producing content for that niche. You can’t please everyone!


LOOKS DO MATTER (in terms of your blog design that is!!)
No matter what anybody says a pretty page, neatly organised text and clear photography all attract readers. Even though when you first start out you’ll play around with your own style of photography, it is definitely worth focusing on making your page and posts as beautiful as you can. I know when I first started I used a bright floral piece of material to photograph on and my page was a very basic blogger template. Ha! Look where we are now! Of course nothing will be exactly as you want it to start off with but always work on making things look more attractive.. Ask yourself ‘would I click on that photo?’ and ‘if I visited my homepage would I enjoy my experience? Is it visually appealing?’


I always bang organisation and how blog schedules are so important… But THEY ARE! Most of us don’t have the luxury of blogging as a full time gig (yet!) however if you’re super prepared then you’ll be able juggle your full time job as well as your blog. Like I’ve said in the past I usually am 1-2 weeks ahead with blog content however I tried to have 1-2 months planned in advance to make things a little easier on myself. This goes for social media as well – don’t forget to prepare some posts for Instagram, Facebook and other platforms so you’re not quiet when you’re busy or life gets in the way. Trust me, if you’re not organised then blogging will end up being stressful rather then enjoyable.

PS: I’m not saying eliminate all spontaneous posts because that’s what makes social media so fun but having a backlog is ALWAYS helpful!

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Considering your reader is vital in creating a blog that is going to suit your niche, help develop your blogs look and also developing new ideas. Most of the time you’re writing a blog to be read by your audience and understanding who they are and what they like helps you! Consider where they are located? What do they like? What do they not like? Where do they shop? Do they work, study, stay at home Mum? Going beyond the basics and really considering the reader will help you answer the question – how can I help them? Will this blog post benefit them? An example from our ‘ideal reader’ for us at MTA our readers are women who appreciate style and beauty but they are budget conscious so if I/we do want to talk about more expensive make up/clothing then it’s always a full review with LOADS of information to help you guys make informed decisions. I recommend writing a little blurb or dot points about your reader so when your blog starts growing or you feel a little lost you can always revisit your blurb and remember who it is you’re writing for.


When I made the decision I needed to move over to WordPress and I wanted to take MTA to the next level I was out of my depth. I heard of Kate’s Bloggers MBA eCourse (used to be called Secret Bloggers Business) and enrolled immediately. Gosh I cannot recommend it enough! I wrote a whole post about my experience doing the course but honestly, it’s the most incredible and valuable thing I’ve done on my blogging journey. It’s all about taking your blog from where it is to actually earning an income doing what you love. You can expect loads of real ppl talk where Kate shares her own experiences, tips on how to get your media kit sorted, how to approach companies and SEO basics… It’s all very inspiring but check out my post if you’d like more details! It’s a game-changing course… You can sign up for the Bloggers MBA eCourse here (be quick enrolments close Monday)!

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Of course there are amazing stories about people who are earning a hefty full-time income from there blogs about 6 months – that’s amazing! BUTTTTT sometimes things don’t work out like that! Remember not everything you try along the way will work. For me, I started with a completely different name focusing on only beauty and now I have a team of contributors and have opened up to style subjects as well. Trial and error are what teaches you the best things that work for you!


Let me know if you have any questions for the next blogging post below OR about the Bloggers MBA! Happy to help :)



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I'm a retail manager by day and a blogger by night aiming to bring you the newest beauty, fashion and lifestyle news. More Than Adored was created to help beauty lovers, like myself, make informed decisions when it comes to buying new goodies.

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      I’m a bit the same. I love watching people grow and being apart of the MBA FB group has definitely allowed me to do that (and just in the general blogging community). xx

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    I’m starting to realise how important being organised is. Planning out my future blog posts and brainstorming ideas is really helping me keep on track :)

    Di from Max The Unicorn

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    Great post! SEO is probably the thing I struggle with most. I would love to do a course like the one you have linked, but they’re just so expensive! (especially as most of them are in USD!)

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      Definitely understand but honestly I’d paid double that for the amount of value you get… Well for the MBA course anyway – I haven’t done the others ones. Seriously so so so valuable and cheap for what you get :)

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    Thanks very much for the help…I am new to blogger and appreciate bloggers like you who share their experiences x

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