The lip stain trend has stuck around with more brands releasing their versions of the long-lasting pigmented lip products including Australis. In addition to their original release they’ve added some new shades to the range just recently. Here are our thoughts on the permanent range shades.

There were five original shades to the Australis Velourlips range which were all very bright, very bold and although some loved the shades alot of people were desperate for the brand to release some more wearable shades. I personally, didn’t mind the five original shades. I thought they were fun, bold and bright. The five new shades are what everyone was asking for – some toned down neutrals. I do agree the move by Australis was a good one, the range is now very well balanced with something for everyone.

The formulation is either going to be one you love or one you hate. They are quite thick and when dispensed you might find a few little chunks of the product of the applicator which did turn me off initially however once you actually start applying them onto the lips it’s not a problem. Once applied the product dries to a matte finish and is very long lasting although with that it can be drying so it’s best to properly prep your lips before application.

AUSTRALIS-VELOURLIPS-REVIEW-AND-SWATCHES-2AUSTRALIS-VELOURLIP-SWATCHESMil-A-No: this is probably the only colour I don’t recommend in the range. It’s extremely pale and the only purpose I can ever see it serving is being a colour to mix with others, by itself it’s very concealer lips like.

Hon-O-Loo-Loo: this is the peachy nude shade available in the range and I think it’s my preferred nude colour on my complexion. This shade can apply a little streaky so it does take some working up but once evened out it’s a very wearable shade for everyday.

Pa-Ree: this is that really 90’s inspired lip colour that’s very on trend at the moment. It looks gorgeous with a darker liner underneath or on it’s own.

Ho-Chee-Min: a cool tone pink shade that I wish would work for me but unfortunately we this shade seeped into the cracks in my lips really badly so it looked as though my lips were in very bad condition. A gorgeous light pink but very good lip prep would be required!

Lun-Dun: my absolute pick from the bunch is this gorgeous purple mauve shade that looks very effortless and put together with a flick of eyeliner. It’s an unique shade but still very wearable.

Rio-D: is a very very bright orange, so much so my poor camera had trouble picking it up. I really love this shade for something fun and different – plus it’s doesn’t make your teeth yellow which is something some oranges does do.

Mi-A-Mee: what a gorgeous hot coral shade!!! I’m completely in love with this lip colour and it’s easily my favourite from the whole range. It’s the perfect balance between pink and coral. If you’re blonde you need this shade!

Ma-Li-Boo: is a very blue based barbie pink shade. I do like it however if I’m doing a bright lip these shades are ones I reach for.

Ny-Cee: this is probably the most popular shade from the range because it’s just a basic, true red shade that’ll suit most people. It’s pigmented, long-lasting and makes your teeth look so white!

Tok-I-O: what a shade! I really like purple lip colours and I tend to wear them to events where I’m wearing something really simple. I think this is a great way to try a bold colour like purple because it’s matte so it won’t be smeared around your face throughout the night!

Overall there are some amazing shades included as well as some I wouldn’t race out and purchase again but that’s pretty common when reviewing a whole range of lip colours. The Australis Velourlips are a great, affordable way to try new shades that you may be interested in experimenting with. The longevity and matte formulation is really suited to those, like me, who likes a really low maintenance lip colour that you don’t have to keep touching up throughout the day. If that’s you then I’d highly recommend these!

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Have you tried these? What did you think?

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    • 6

      I can see why people don’t like these for sure! I’ve always loved lip stains so I’m pretty used to these kind of formulations :) x

  4. 7

    I love all the Velourlips, it’s my favourite thing to send to overseas friends! :) They are awesome to mix together and make new shades too!

    Kate |

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    • 10

      Exactly right. Mi-A-Mee is just stunning isn’t it?! I’ve gotten so many compliments (by that I mean my boyfriend noticed and so did my mum) on it lol ;)

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    The new shades look phenomenal! Still unsure on the formula though, it seems quite dry and I’ve heard that it chips off as it wears! I may have to give one a go regardless though, I love the finish!

    Tasha // shiwashiful.

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  11. 20

    When you say you need to prep your lips…what exactly do you mean? How do you prep whilst keeping certain products like these sticking rather than slipping?

    • 21

      Sorry I wasn’t very clear! I mean prepping with a good lip scrub first and lip balm then going in with the lip stain. I don’t think you’ll have any trouble with these slipping off the lips as they have quite a draw formulation x

  12. 22

    The previous shades didn’t really appeal to me tbh, because I’m not brave enough to stray from my neutrals, but love how Australis added more wearable shades to the range x

    Sheri | Behind The Frames

    • 23

      I LOVE that they listened to the feedback from the original range :) it’s refreshing to see a brand do that. X

  13. 24

    My niece is crazy about these & the Pa-ree looks great on her. She said I’ve got to try velourlips. Barbie pink! Ha ha! – but we all know exactly what you mean. I’m not a pink lover, but that shade suits me so I’ll probably try that one first. Or perhaps the orange that doesn’t make your teeth look yellow? Great descriptions, these are the things we want to know.

    • 25

      Haha just keeping it real ;) that’s the reason I love turning to blogs as the descriptions are always so real and not fluffy! xx

  14. 26

    I haven’t tried any, but will possibly pick up Mi-A-Mee and Ny-Cee next time they have a sale at Priceline :)

  15. 27

    Haven’t tried these, but the colours are so pretty!!! Might have to pick up Ny-cee :)

  16. 28

    I wish they had a darker rosy pink or raspberry shade, apart from the fabulous red the colours are not quite right for me. Lovely formula though!

  17. 29
  18. 30

    I love the colours but I just find that matt lip products just dont feel right for me and they always seem to make my lips look dry :(

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