AN-EASY-EYELINER-ROUTINEAn everyday struggle can be applying your eyeliner and finding an eyeliner that easy to use. I’ve never found a product or routine and gone ‘ah’ – until recently! It’s just two easy steps and if I can do it so can you ;)

Never feel as though you can’t tackle eyeliner, or a flick, because everyone struggles with it! Take your time, practice and most importantly don’t stop breathing. As I said if I can do it anyone can! Make sure if you’re practicing more or even trying this little routine you tag us @morethanadored on social media – we’d love to see.

Take any thin pointed eyeliner you feel most comfortable using. For me, it’s the Gorgeous Cosmetics iLine because it has a super thin tip that has just the right amount of flexibility. It’s very black and stays put all day. Get all friendly with the mirror and apply this as close to your lash line as possible. Take your time, do short strokes and you ARE allowed to take breaks. Stop at the end of your lash line.

Step 2: The Flick
Now for the super easy way to get the flick. Grab a super thick, texta like eyeliner. My pick is the L’oreal Blackbuster Liner because it’s affordable but still great quality. Place this at an angle lining up with the end of your eyebrow. Remain on the angle whilst drawing the line connecting it to the really thin line we did previously. This will instantly create the flick! I use a light hand to create a softer flick but if you want something more dramatic just apply a little more pressure.

AN-EASY-EYELINER-ROUTINE-1Done! How easy was that? I will probably never go back to creating a flick without the L’oreal Blackbuster. It makes it so much easy for a newb like me and if it can be built up for something more dramatic if that’s your preference.

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What are your top tips for doing your eyeliner?

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    You make it look so much easier than it is – for me lol! I prefer liners that are like felt tip markers too but haven’t tried either of these. I’ll be sure to tag you next time I attempt a wing :/

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  5. 9

    Great tips – I’m always trying to perfect the flick. I always seem to get one eye perfect and the other not so much haha

    • 10

      HAHA speaking of.. You can’t tell in this photo but my eyes are actually completely different in shape so doing liner is the worst! It’s soooo hard! x

  6. 11

    I always have trouble with the flicks while using liquid eyeliner! The felt tip pen liners definitely make it easier to do though, but I’m still yet to master it :P

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    A very helpful post! Definitely lots of practise!! I haven’t used my Maybelline Master Liner in a while and now using Napoleon Perdis China Doll gel liner with an angled liner brush

  10. 18

    Fantastic and helpful post! Make it sound so easy :)

  11. 19
  12. 21

    Practice when it’s not important. Like everything it is a just a skill and it can be learnt, like learning to french braid.

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