The latest trend in the nail, in case you’ve been living under a rock, is polishes that have a gel-like finish that don’t require a lamp. Most brands have or are releasing their own version at the moment. I’ve been very sceptical and less than impressed by most of the attempts until now.

Covergirl are releasing their own version of a gel polish consisting of eight bright shades that are perfect for summer. I’m not usually a bright nails kind of gal but this range has me completely converted and so far I’ve rocked Buxom Blue, Whole Lotta Guava and Overblown Orange loving it! I’m still not too sure on the Haughty Lemon or Plump It Pear but I can’t write them off until I’ve tried them. As for Plumped-Up Plum, Rotund Raspberry and Bodacious Berry they are my safe shades so of course I adore them.

The formulation is completely opaque and I only apply one layer because the formulation is that good. I do apply a top coat, as always, and these last for about 5 days with minimal chipping on me which is amazing for me. The trick with these is to do one thicker layer or two really thin layers because the more of these you apply the more likely they are to chip. The finish is just amazing, super glossy and yes it really does look like you’ve had your nails done at a salon (I’ve been asked by strangers where I get my nails done and that never happens).

So these are the bees knees when it comes to affordable gel-like nail polish that don’t require a lamp but there is one thing that is not-so-good about the product and it’s the brush. It’s just not the easiest of brushes to control. It’s longer and not super dense so that can take something getting used too.

Despite the brush I would still wholeheartedly recommend trying one or two of the colours for yourself because they’re the best formulation I’ve tried in a long time! I haven’t seen these on the Priceline website yet but keep an eye out in store for them as they’re bound to pop up soon!

Have you tried this new type of nail polish? What are you favourites?

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    Good on you Covergirl, I have been loving the ‘gel’ like nail polishes for the longest time. Of course, I started off with the polishes that need to be set with a lamp. Being a beauty therapist, I have seen this craze linger which I love. The lamp does take time and these polishes are super quick and easy, I’ll have to try the Covergirl ones out.

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    I haven’t bought new nail polishes in the longest time and I haven’t tried the new gel-like formulas yet either. These sound very promising!!

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