THE WEEKLY NOTES #7 crying on the phone, the end of an era & proud parents

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Happy Sunday guys! How are you going? Good? Thank you for the continued feedback on this chatty post. It seems alot of you are appreciating the laid-back nature and I’m really enjoying chatting with you all more. If you ever have any questions you’d like me to answer the following week just leave them in the comments below.


This week I cried on the phone. And it wasn’t the cute single tear running down your cheek cry it was the awful, heaving sniffles that causes your face to puff up and disables your ability to talk. It was bad. Who was on the receiving end to the babbling mess? Just Isaac (thank god) but I’m still embarrassed by my meltdown. You see we’ve bad awful luck with our energy company since moving back in January to the point where I call at least once a week trying to get things sorted. On this particular day I was transferred three times before getting a really rude, awful lady who refused to explain things to me, I was probably asking what they’d consider dumb questions but I’m no energy expert, and made me feel pretty shitty. So what to does a responsible adult like me do in this situation? Hang up, call my boyfriend and repeatedly say ‘she was just so mean’. I’m laughing as I type this but it was a crappy experience. The worst part is I’m going to have to call back because I never resolved the issue haha.


An end of an era sounds super serious and final but I’m thinking about cutting ‘This Weeks MTA’ posts just because I’ve been finding them bit of a chore. You may have noticed yesterday I posted this post instead and I’ll probably replace it with more a structured beauty post or maybe even a lifestyle post… I’m not sure yet but I figured if I’m loving a particular product loads and it hasn’t featured on the blog within the week I can just include it in this post instead. What do you guys think? Will you miss them? Or not mind if I merge the two posts together?


The last thing I wanted to tell you guys is our little Simba, if you’re new here (HI) we have a French Bulldog pup, graduated puppy school! It was such a fun experience and definitely very informative. Did you know that it’s recommended to only feed dogs dry food? How weird is that? I never knew anyway. I said ‘proud parents’ because ‘proud dog owners’ sounded so impersonal and plus is our fur baby… God help us when we actually have kids!!!


What have you guys been up too this week? Anything exciting?


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    I’m really loving this series Sarah! & I think if the weekly post is becoming a bit of a chore then don’t do it! Ain’t no body got time for chore-vibes for blogging, ruins all the fun! That woman on the phone sounds like an absolute cow, cannot honestly stand people who work in so many of those call centres!! x

    Katina |

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      Thanks Kat I’m really enjoying writing this one! I’m definitely going to cut This Weeks MTA for now. I just don’t know why people are so rude xx

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    Dealing with third party providers can be soooo frustrating! There is no shame in feeling crappy when someone has treated you rudely! I think anyone would have felt the same. When we first moved into our new place, it took like 6 months for us to get the internet and nobody could explain to us what the delays were all about! I definitely had some meltdown moments myself! It’s good that Isaac is such a good support to you and probably didn’t mind your call! I really like your chatty posts and I agree with Katina, if it feels like a chore, than definitely drop it! xx

    Sarah | Bows & Pleats

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    Haha aww maybe I should hand you over to my dad. He’s an energy expert and works in one too :I don’t understand it at all!
    Oh and Sarah! Tbh, I was wondering the same thing about your “this week’s MTA”. I was wondering how you manage to not talk about the same products from week to week, and thought that if it was me personally, I would be so exhausted just trying to switch it up and make sure each week was kinda different! I love reading more posts like your beauty palettes one tbh, or personal posts are always nice! And yes, if you do love a product heaps, would love to see a whole post on it or other little bits :) x

    Sheri | Behind The Frames

    • 15

      It’s so confusing isn’t?

      Thank you for all the feedback. I’m definitely going to cut that series and replace it with something else :)

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    Rude people on the phone are the worst and they can really get you down, even though you know they shouldn’t. Hope you get things resolved soon with them. Your dog sounds so adorable x

    Beauty with charm

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    I can’t stand rude people especially when all you are asking for is a little help and understanding. Good call on ringing the boyfriend though – some are just so well equipped for the crying girlfriend phone call (mines the same!).

    Well done Simba :) *high five*!!! We have two fur babies but they are more like fur giants! One is incredibly obedient – the other not so much but far past the puppy stage!

    Love this post! :)

    • 19

      Thank you so much Fay! I’m so bad at losing it at people on the phone… Makes me so angry when they’re unhelpful.

      What breed are your fur babies Fay?! xx

      • 20

        I am the same, it just really irks me when they have no reason for their rudeness!

        Fur babies are black labrador (9 years) and weimeraner (5 years) but both bouncy and fun! x

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