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Capsule Wardrobes are creating a bit of a buzz lately and here at MTA we can see why. Simple, essential and easy are the words that come to mind when thinking about a capsule wardrobe and putting one together. The point of one is to create outfits suitable for any life event or occasion without owning unnecessary items of clothing… 37 pieces at a time.


How to Build a Capsule Wardrobe:

– First things first it’s time to clean out your closet, take every single item of clothing out and choose 5 items that you can’t live without. This is your style, this shows you what fabrics, colours, patterns and trends you gravitate towards. The rest of your clothes can be sorted into these 4 piles: love it now, love it sometimes, love it never and love it seasonally.

– The next step is to choose your 37 items out of your love it pile. You can choose a little less or a little more than 37 to give yourself some options. Assess what you have and for a little while really wear the love it clothes that you put back into your wardrobe and figure out why you love them. Try not to go on any shopping sprees even though you probably feel like your wardrobe is empty and you have nothing to wear!

– Learn from and make a list of the few items you may be missing from your capsule wardrobe that help make outfits such as basic pieces and embellishments like accessories.

– Create as many outfits as you can from the items you own in your capsule wardrobe. Spend an afternoon trying on the different things you have in your ‘love it’ collection.


‘A capsule wardobe is made up of 37 pieces and can be rotated and interchanged according to the season. It includes tops, bottoms, dresses, shoes and outerwear.’


Benefits of Having a Capsule Wardrobe:

After having what I like to call a ‘de-stash’ or a ‘de-haul’ over the last 6 months my wardrobe is looking as empty as it has ever been in my life… but every single item of clothing in it fits me, is frequently worn and well loved. It has been a long process however a capsule wardrobe is rewarding in so many ways.

– It saves you money. You have everything you need and as you can always find something to wear it is incredibly easy to choose an outfit for a date, a night out with the girls and sunday brunch with mum. Everything is already set out for you. You don’t need to spend money on extra clothing items or accessories.

– Cleaning out your wardrobe and taking control of what you buy and what’s in it makes you feel good, clears out space and creates change.

– It represents ‘less’: less clothes, less time spent deciding on what to wear and less washing to do!

– It makes you think: one of the quotes I came across when researching and finding out more about a capsule wardrobe was this ‘I realised I wasn’t shopping for clothes — I was shopping for happiness.’ it definitely made me think hard about what I was buying and what I owned when half of my wardrobe I would buy to fix a bad mood or get the gratification of buying something new.

– It helps you find your style: When you have to make your wardrobe minimal and only keep what you need and couldn’t live without it shows you the key pieces that are important to you, your confidence and it represents your style.

– It shows you that although shopping, clothing and buying new things will forever be fun, Happiness doesn’t come from an accumulation of items.


Are you going to take on the challenge of creating a capsule wardrobe?


If you’re interested in more about capsule wardrobes here is the post that inspired me to try it out!


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    I am obsessed with the wardrobe in the image, so perfect! Great tips, and the benefits are definitely making me want to try and get my wardrobe into a capsule one!!

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    Finally (stupid Disqus!) Great post!! I have literally been researching this idea over the last couple of days. I am taking the challenge – Spring capsule here I come! I currently have so many clothes – but NOTHING to wear! :)

  9. 9

    I need to seriously commit to this! I have such a fear of missing out on an “amazing Sale” but really.. I don’t need anymore clothes for like the next 5 years. While I’m sure I won’t run home and try this (I need to work up my courage!) maybe this can be a New Years resolution! :) Thanks for such lovely tips.

    Kelsey |

  10. 10

    I just started a blog about my capsule wardrobes. I’m just finishing up my first round and I have to say that I love it! The only thing I still sometimes get hung up on is feeling like I shouldn’t wear the same outfit twice, but I’m starting to realize that it is more than okay! What counts is how I feel when I wear it. Thanks for this post! It’s nice to see how other people put their capsules together!

  11. 11

    Oh this is totally cool! Never heard of a capsule wardrobe before, but It’d be sooo hard to do it, because I’m always finding new clothes that I like A LOT. And sometimes even more than what I already have. but this would be a great way to control my shopping haha

    Sheri | Behind The Frames

  12. 12

    I actually bookmarked this to read later, and have just come back to it. I feel like this is definitely something that would help a lot of people, especially those who wear a lot of monochrome tones, but I feel like it might be more difficult for those who wear a lot of patterns as pattern items tend to be remembered more easily so you can’t get away with wearing them as often haha. But still such a great idea! xx

  13. 13

    I’ve done a lot of research into capsule wardrobes! I don’t think I could personally do 37 pieces, but when I was in the midst of “trying it out”, I did take out all my clothes and got rid of like 3 garbage bags worth, now I only have clothes that I really love! It isn’t a capsule wardrobe but I have definitely decluttered! I would like to try doing one for my upcoming honeymoon though as I really want to pack light!

    Sarah | Bows & Pleats

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