Breakfast is meal alot of us struggle with and for me, it was finding something I enjoyed eating everyone that was healthy without being difficult to put together. Here are 4 of my favourite recipes to use for whipping up something healthy for breakfast!


Overnight Honey Oats 
Deliciously Ella has definitely helped me discover so many easy breakfast ideas via her book but the blog is an equally as good resource as well. Overnight Oats are SO easy to make it’s super fun because you can mix up what you have with them quite easily. I use this overnight oats as a base – I make a big batch on Sunday and it gets me through most of the week! Then I change up the fruit toppings dependent on what I’ve got in the fridge – SO easy. If you haven’t tried overnight oats it’s a must try.


The Easiest Breakfast Smoothie 
I’ve always found it really hard to find a smoothie recipe that is filling… Am I the only one? I think that the oats and banana combination really helps fill me up. I don’t add the hemp powder and use a little more almond milk for a thinner consistency.


Mushroom Overload Egg White Omelette 
Trying two different types of mushrooms in an omelette is life changing – so much more flavour! I actually add the yolk and use 3 eggs rather then using just egg whites most of the time… Sometimes I buy the egg whites in the cartoon but I love eggs so I don’t mind eating the yolk as well!


Super Easy Granola 
We actually have a granola recipe on the website that we still refer back to and love. It’s super easy and once you’ve made a big batch it lasts you forever! I really like serving with almond milk and fruit for something a little more crunchy in the morning :)


What are your favourite breakfasts?


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    These look absolutely incredible and I’m going to leave my lady-ness behind for a second whilst I say “Get in mah belly!” Thank you for sharing these!!


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    I have always been so good with breakfast, but lately it has only been consisting of a cup of coffee. Ekkk need to get out of that habit. My main issue is that I just forget to buy breakfast type foods haha x


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    Yummm these all sound amazing! I get lazy with breakfast during the week and most of the time have the same thing everyday but on weekends I mix it up and make something yummy! Your honey overnight oats sound incredible! <3

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