Over on Instagram stories y’all can be cray cray replying and requesting all of the THINGS but after I mentioned the GoodnessMe Box soooo many of you wanted to hear my thoughts so cuz I’m a considerate bitch here we are lads.


A lil’ back story is that I’m a seasoned subscription box lover and have been signed up to a pretty long list of beauty, fitness and food boxes before. Currently I have one other subscription box but I was craving more – I’m a big fan of the whole surprise yo’ self everything month thang. At the moment I am a enjoying food options because it gives me new and fun things to try – especially snacks – I struggle finding snacks I like!


GoodnessMe Box ‘delivery 7-10 boutique health products and samples, endorsed by our health practitioners and personalised for your dietary requirements’ and the cost is $25 per month. GoodnessMe Box really ride the wave of taking health seriously having health practitioners handy to help select the best of best and that is something I can appreciate! Right off the bat what I liked about GoodnessMe Box is that it’s customisable allowing you to pop in your dietary preferences and they have a fairly good range of options – super cool to see!


Alrighty onto the April box and I was impressed to see the new Remedy Coconut Water Kefir as it’s new to the market and I’ve been wanting to try it out. The box ranged from drinks of tea, coconut milk options and then some kewl looking snack bars AND CHOCOLATE. A bit of a random inclusion was a room spray and I rolled my eyes at first BUT it smells soooo nice so I ain’t hatin’ on it. Another thing I appreciated is the card included cam with a gorge note from Peta the founder, a competition AND a freaking recipe on the reverse that I am 100% going to try! Another awesome feature is that you can then go onto to buy the products directly from their SHOP section, with free shipping, if you enjoy them!


Overall I am impressed with this box and I think it is worth the money you but obviously it’s only my first one. I REALLY enjoy the fact that the card comes with a recipe and I think that adds even more value to the box – especially if you’re a bit of a newb when it comes to cooking or like me and can get stuck in a rut with meals. I’ll keep you posted on Instagram if I continue getting the box and my thoughts in the future!


You can check out the GoodnessMe Box online here


Have you tried GoodnessMe Box?

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