Hear me out! I promise it’s not as cringe or as hard or scary as it sounds and it will make a huge difference if you’re trying to become healthier.


Most of you will know I’m currently in a phase where I’m trying to become healthier and also leaner for my wedding next year. I’ve enlisted some help (more on that later) and one of the habits I’ve adopted is keeping a food diary. At first I thought it was so silly, pointless and the first day I groaned at the thought of filling it out but in actual fact it’s made a huge difference to my everyday life and helped me immensely.


It holds you accountable
Whether it’s been a good day of eating for you or a bad one if you’re sitting down to record it then you’re going to see it all laid out in front of you. I didn’t think it would affect it as much as it did but seeing a great day against a eating-out-every-meal day made me driven to change those habits.


You HAVE to reflect
If you’re being good and filling it out meal by meal it causes you to look at that day and see what it was like. Did I get enough veggies, fruits or protein? Was it carb driven? Whatever it is! You get reflect on your diet by easily glancing over the week. I have found this really useful to see what I’m snacking on from day to day and change those things for healthy snacks rather then vegemite on toast with melted cheese……. *dreaming*


It helps you identify what is working and what isn’t
Without being too graphic over the past few years I’ve developed a very sensitive stomach again, I had one when I was a tiny baby, and it’s been tough. The habit of recording everything has allowed me to see what I’ve eaten the day before if I’m feeling ill the next day. Life-changing.


Have you ever kept a food diary? Did you love or hate it?


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    I should do this again. I had to do one a few years ago and for me it made me realise how little I was eating and how often i skipped meals, especially breakfast. I get into the bad habit of saying “im too busy, ill eat later” and then I forget altogether. I meal plan my breakfast lunch and dinner now but sometimes I still use the busy excuse and ill grab something unhealthy like chips or chocolate because its easier & less mess! Bad habit!!!

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