Do you ever spend ages straightening your hair, like properly where you section off the hair and everything, but then it still looks frizzy? Yep, me too! Earlier this year hair brand VS Sassoon launched an updated version of the Goddess Ultimate Straightener that is specifically designed for all of us with hard-to-handle hair. 


As I said a hair concern I’m constantly battling is FRIZZ and as most of your would know I spent sometime this month sipping cocktails in Bali so the humidity took a serious toll on my hair. Luckily I teamed up with VS Sassoon months ago with an action plan to really put the new VS Sassoon Goddess Ultimate Straightener to the test whilst over in Bali so I was excited to see how the new tool tackled my salty, knotty locks. I don’t really know how it does it but it managed to tame everything perfectly leaving my hair SO smooth and shiny. I did have to use the steam function on full to achieve a super smoothed finish but that is too be expected in the humid Bali weather. Below is a selfie from Bali after styling my hair with the VS Sassoon Goddess Ultimate Straightener.

Screen Shot 2016-07-27 at 7.32.52 am

So you may be wondering what the ‘steam function’ I’m talking about it above and the super cool concept behind this straightener is steam straightening and before y’all freak out about it soaking your hair with water you can calm down VS Sassoon are two steps ahead making sure that won’t ever happen. Instead the steam relaxes the hair, hydrates and nourishes making it super effective for those of us who have curly/coarse/thick hair – all that awesome stuff! When using it doesn’t feel any different to using a regular straightener apart from the fact it gets the job done really fast. I’ve found it gives a gives a super smooth finish without any extra styling creams which makes styling a breeze in the mornings. 


There are a few heat settings there are multiple between 170C-230C so you can pick and choose what best suits your locks. Personally I found 270C and the lower steam setting appropriate for using in Australia however when in Bali the humidity was crazy I bumped up the steam too tame the frizz. The below photos I used the heating setting 170C with the full steam option as I find that it does really speed up the process but once you play around with the tool you find out what works for your hair. Changing the settings is really easy with the buttons located in the inside and panel on the side displaying what you’ve chosen. I never realised how much a difference having the heat control on the inside makes! I no longer change or completely turn off the tool half way through styling so kudos to Vs Sassoon for the awesome design.



When using the Goddess Ultimate Straightener there are a few tips I recommend:
– always make sure your hair is completely dry, brushed and you’ve applied your heat protectant
– start on the lower heat setting then work your way up if you feel you need an extra helping hand that way you’re not using un-neccasary heat on your locks
– fill up the water reservoir and make sure the steam setting is on for that super sleek finish
– always section your hair, trust me it’s quicker!
– if frizz is your main concern start at the shaft and then slowly guide the straightener down the hair concentrating on the lower half of the section


The Goddess Ultimate Straightener retails for $142.95, for more information please visit the VS Sassoon website or check out their FacebookInstagram (vs_sassoon + #OMGoddess), Youtube or Pinterest!  


Do you struggle with frizzy hair? What are your top tips for taming it all?

*this post was sponsored and I couldn’t be more excited because I’ve been loving this product so much WOOHOO for working with brands I love. If you’re concerned or would like more information about sponsored content please view the disclaimer tab.

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    I struggle with frizzy hair, too! I use a straightener, but at the end of the day my hair goes back to being frizzy again. Your hair looks amazing after you used this product. I might actually look into it some more. Thanks for sharing! :)

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