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It’s been a little while…



You may have noticed even when I arrived back in Australia a lack of presence on social media/blog as the last of my scheduled posts went up. I ended up working full time (at my other job that pays the billz) and I really just spent the week unpacking/sorting life out. Although I ended up having almost three weeks away it felt amazing to take a step back and feel exciting about blogging again. Before going away my mental state wasn’t in a positive place regarding blogging. It can be a tough gig because, when you’re still building up to where you want to be, 95% of workload is completely unpaid and sometimes you lose sight of the bigger goal. Now I feel really refreshed and I can see where I want to go/be so the break did wonders for my brain but not so much for my statistics.


Another reason I’ve been away is because we welcomed a beautiful little girl into our family last week. Isaac’s brother and his wife had little Harper almost 4 weeks early so it was a surprise but we couldn’t be more excited. We went to visit over the weekend and she couldn’t be anymore perfect. I loved picking out a present, I work in the baby industry, so it was fun to put together a few goodies for them. I couldn’t think of a better couple to welcome a baby into the world and they’re really going to be the best parents. For that side of the family it’s the first baby (2 more coming next month) so Christmas is going to be really special this year.


This month we’ve got an INSANELY busy month with something on every single weekend. I’m nervous and excited about being so busy. Most of you will know I work 6 days a week and being so busy means that I won’t get my Sunday rest day BUT it’s going to be an exciting month because two weekends we’re doing things to do with our wedding, attending a wedding another weekend and then babysitting my little sisters for my parents. It’ll be a fun month hopefully!


Last thing I wanted to mention is that I’m going to attempt to go to the gym 6 days a week this month. Prior to going to Bali I was going 4 times a week but the last weekend of this month I’ll be trying on wedding dresses EEPPP. Before you go crazy I’m not trying to loose weight but it’s more to do with feeling really confident and my best on the day. I don’t know if it’s just me but when I try clothes on after a week/month of being lazy then I just feel shit. Given that this is to potentially order my wedding dress I want to make sure my self confidence is in a really good place on the day.


What have you guys been up too? Anything exciting?


PS: I’m selling things on Depop so come over and say HI!

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    Wow congratulations on the little miracle. My sister had her first baby (my first nephew) a few months ago now, sadly with complications, but now everything is okay and it’s such a joyful experience. So glad you enjoyed your time away – I think I need a getaway to remind myself about the bigger picture too! xx

    Jasmine /

  2. 3

    Good to see you back Sarah! Sounds like your break was well spent :) x

    Kate |

  3. 5

    Glad to hear the break did you some good, that’s what it’s all about after all! :) And congrats to Isaac’s brother and his wife, that’s really exciting for them! I don’t really cope well when I don’t get any time to relax and just do nothing every so often, but at least you’ve had a bit of time off even if you’re heading into a super busy month. I hope everything goes well though, and good luck with the wedding dress try ons!

    Jessica –

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