What a few weeks it has been. Can you believe that we are getting so close to Christmas? It’s insane!


I’ve been really trying to streamline my life the past few weeks. I’ve been feeling really overwhelmed with stuff especially in the office so now I’ve finished writing most of my content, apart from the weekly notes and outfit posts that are done in real time, I’m focusing on clearing out. I mean look at all those perfumes? Who needs that many perfumes. If anyone would like to see any posts in the new year about clearing things out let me know but I hadn’t planned on doing anything around it.


This past week has been a huge one for me work wise. It’s just that time of year when I’m trying to be so ahead of the game so I can have some time off over Christmas and it’s really been catching up with me. I’ve been slacking going to the gym, barely being getting dressed the days I’m home and have been in bed before 9 countless times because I’m just exhausted. People make blogging out the be this really glamorous thing where people get gifted millions of things and never do any work but it’s such a fucking hard gig. As most of you will know over on Instagram I’ve been super active posting daily outfits and just making a real effort with it and boy has it been taking up so much of my time. I really hope you guys are liking seeing daily outfits because we are enjoying it but yeah it’s a shit tonne of work.


Speaking of the whole daily outfit thing this week I’ve been reflecting on how I found the first week and the line that kept popping into my head was ‘you learn the most outside of your comfort zone’. I’m about 20 kilometres outside of my comfort zone right now and it’s causing so many different emotions. I’m constantly questioning myself. I’m scared. I’m under pressure. I’m worried. But I’m also excited and feeling really creatively inspired. I truly believe the more you create the more inspiration you have. I’ve already learnt so much from uploading my daily outfits so I thought I’d list a few.

– My personal style is so important to me
– I rarely wear my hair up or wash my hair #dryshampooforeva
– Although I think I don’t like dresses. I’m lying. I wear alot of dresses.
– I REALLY like stripes
– There is a constant fear of ‘not being good enough’ because I wear the same handbags and shoes over and over
– My eyes are ridiculously sensitive and I squint alot (hence most of the time I’m wearing sunglasses!)


What have you guys been up too? Anything interesting?


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    I’m with you on squinting in the sun! I tried taking a new profile shot whilst outside last week & it just didn’t work – even in cloudy weather I still narrow my eyes!

    I reckon that wearing the same shoes & carrying the same bag all the time just shows how much you love those items & how much cost-per-wear you’re getting out of them. If anyone dares to question you on that, they can get stuffed! None of us are made of money!

    Shell // The Novice Life

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      Omg Shell isn’t it the worst? My eyes are always half closed hahahaha

      That’s so true! I hadn’t thought of it like that. I just feel like sometimes people expect so much of bloggers and although I want things to stay fresh, as you said, defs not made of money! Plus I want to keep everything as real as I can and I do wear things twice :P

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    I can completely relate to being exhausted, not getting dressed properly on my at home days and most of the time I’m in bed by 8 with my best friend Netflix. I hope you get a break and start to feel a bit better. I’m off to the docs today to see if there is a medical reason for my exhaustion!
    Washing my hair is SUCH a chore though! I don’t even feel bad for not doing it as often as I should. Though when I can’t do anything but hide my greasiness in a messy bun I know its probably time for a little shampooing lol.
    I really suck at getting out of my comfort zone. If I ever do I really need somebody else along side me pushing me or I won’t do it. Maybe I’m just lazy!

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        A little disappointed there wasn’t anything “wrong” with me. That sounds bad. I don’t want to be sick but I mean it would have been easy if they said yeah such and such is wrong just take this pill and you’ll feel better. I feel so blah I know there has to be something wrong but they did a blood test and everything was fine. It’s a bit frustrating but I guess I just have to look after myself better than I am. It’s just hard to get motivated when all I want to do is sleep.

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          Completely understand what you mean. Have you had your hormones tested? I had mine done earlier this year and found out I was super imbalanced which was affecting my sleep/energy etc. I would be tempted to have someone like a nutritionist or naturopath look at the results as well. My doctor said ‘oh you’re kind low but it’s nothing to worry about’ and as soon as I showed my nutritionist she flipped her lid because I wasn’t even on the readable scale! That’s just my experience though and if you have an awesome doctor it may be different for you. I’m a big believer in natural alternatives because they’ve made such a huge difference for me so I guess that’s why I’m a bit wary of doctors as well haha.

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            My doctor is great but I agree. They don’t often look at the whole issue. A few years back I was seeing a naturopath as recommended by a different doctor and she helped a lot but it’s so crazy expensive! i think on my first visit I was out of pocket like $500 or something insane. I can’t afford that now. I couldn’t even afford it back then. lol. My Dr said my iron was in range but on the low end of the scale so I could take iron supplements if I wanted to. I already had some so I’ll give that try. I think I just need to get motivated to look after myself. Its so hard to make an effort when your tired though. I just want someone to come and tell me what I have to do. There is too much conflicting health information out there. Plus it still doesn’t explain things like my constant rapid heartbeat or trouble concentrating. I don’t think I’ve had my hormones tested. Did you have to request that or was it offered to you? I have never been given a copy of my blood test results, maybe I should ask for them? I hope you’re feeling better!

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            It was offered to me by the nutritionist! She specialises in women’s health so it was something we did right at the start. I see her via Skype (costs $60ish a month) if you ever want her details. She is currently on maternity leave but I would recommend her. I would ask for a copy so that if you do in the future see someone else you have a copy.

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    I love your fashion posts and appreciate you taking the time to do them daily! Don’t be hard on yourself, you look amazing! If you’re too busy, or don’t have the time, we won’t get angry if you miss a post. If anything its a good thing, that way we won’t buy another amazing outfit you shared xxx

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