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Christmas parties have been in full swing since the start of November and I feel like they are a really tricky thing to dress for. Today I thought I’d share with you my outfit choice and some tips for dressing for your Christmas party this season.


Alot of Christmas parties are fairly vague with the dress code and for alot of people, myself included, that can be a nightmare. I think when they’re vague it’s still good to make an effort because you’ll feel alot better about it – when in doubt I always overdress rather then underdress. This season it’s fairly easy to look nice because of the whole off-the-shoulder trend that’s happening at the moment. They just make it so easy to look like you’ve got your shit together! I’m wearing the Valencia Black Top and I adore how it’s form fitting meaning it’s a little bit more formal then say a printed number (and I just love black). I’ve teamed it with the Joanne Stripe Shorts and I think the combination together say ‘Yo I made an effort but I didn’t go OTT’. A tailored pair of shorts are perfect for this sort of event because they’re more formal then denim but still so comfy!


Shoes can be a little harder to get right because it really depends on the venue and what your work is planning on doing. I think a low/midi heel is a great option or a cute pair of sandals if you really want optimal comfort. I’ve opted for Midas Kueen Heel just because of the heel height, for me, is really comfortable and I always feel more confident wearing a pair of heels to an event.


Team everything with a red lip and you’ll look fab but also remain super comfortable throughout the night. Don’t be scared to be cliche and rock a red lip – hell if there is one time to do it’s at your Christmas party!


What I’m wearing: Valencia Black Top (size 8) | Joanne Stripe Shorts (size 8) | Midas Kueen Heel  | Camilla & Marc Clutch | Uncle Jack Watch| Shanghai Suzy Fire Engine Red |  Elroy Cairo Clear Sunglasses 

What are your favourite ways to dress for a Christmas party?

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    Love this look Sarah! I’m loving really simple black or white off the shoulder tops – they look so elegant and classy but also laid back at the same time, so perfect for those occasions when you’re not quite sure how dressy you need to be! :)

    Lauren xx

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