Most of you will know back in July we went over to Bali for the first time and LOVED it. One thing I wasn’t prepared for was all the amazing food options… I mean seriously everywhere you look is another small cafe or bar. It’s dreamy! I wish I’d done more research before going over but here are four of my recommendations if you’re looking for some yummy food.


Gado Gado
This was the place we went for a really delicious meal that was a little more exy in terms of price but the quality of the food is amazing. It’s fine dining at it’s best and being right on the beach you can watch the sunset there. I had the yummiest vegetarian mushroom crepes and it’s the best vegetarian main meal I’ve ever eaten. The service is great, well organised and friendly too. We ended up paying about $80 AUD for the two of us but it was well worth the price.


Zula Cafe
Isaac and I ate here pretty much once a day if not more for most of the trip – it’s amazing!!! Everything is really well priced and position sizes aren’t over the top so you don’t over eat. Most (if not all) of the menu is vegan so it’s like a breath of fresh air being able to walk into a cafe and order anything off the menu. I would recommend lunch or dinner over breakfast as our breakfast dishes weren’t amazing however that could just be due to poor ordering on our part. This is the one place if you enjoy vegan or healthy food it’s where to go! They have a fridge full of sweet treats as well. Dishes I recommend are the tofu basil spring rolls, falafel sandwich and nasi goreng.


Taco Beach 
If you’re mexican food lovers like us if you see a mexican place you’re more than likely going to go in and have a peep. We couldn’t help ourselves as Taco Beach is super cute on the outside and although the menu is fairly unattractive we gave it a go. Everything was delicious and if it said on the menu it was going to be hot – it was going to be spicy!! It was well priced and super delicious. You must try the black bean tacos!


his is the restaurant underneath popular resort ‘Breezes’ in Seminyak and although we weren’t staying there we ended up eating there twice during our stay. Both times they had live music and it was a really relaxed vibe. I had the most delicious vegetarian noodles and although it wasn’t the cheapest meal the size of the meal is INSANE – if you’re two girls you could definitely split a rice or noodle dish from this place.


Another thing I wanted to mention was Go Jek it’s a super easy to use app for food delivery over there. We were so tired one night and our villa was a little while away from eat street so we downloaded it over there.  So easy to use and decent service most of the time. Just make sure you have a phone number available as you’ll need it to us the app.


Do you have any favourite restaurants over in Bali?


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    Ooh, this post makes me homesick! :D Glad you enjoyed Bali! I highly recommend restaurants along Jimbaran beach – they have the best seafood and you literally get to eat on the beach, facing the ocean! <3

    Stephanie | Beauty Bucketeer

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