Coming back from holiday and jumping back into work is tough. It can be even tougher if you work for yourself and need to find your feet again. Recently I really struggled to find my rhythm again and it took me two weeks to come back really motivated – it sucked! BUT I wrote a little list of things that helped me get back on track so it’ll hopefully help you guys.


Have a day of catch up and unpack everything
A luxury of working for yourself is you get to choose your hours and something I didn’t do was spend enough time making sure everything was sorted upon arriving back. Those silly things like unpacking, doing the washing and cleaning up the dishes you left behind before you left (please don’t tell me I’m the only one who is that disorganised?,…). For the first week I spent my time floating between working in the office and doing washing whereas if I have of spent a day doing all the household things I wouldn’t’ve been so bloody distracted for the whole week. Take that one extra day and get it done!


Allocate a fair chunk to respond to what you missed
The full inbox you come home to is so overwhelming and it’s something I put off every single day. I did a bit here and there but never really tackled it head on so I wasted hours everyday going through it all. Just do it! It’s only going to get worse.


Reassess and plan ahead
Before you went away you probably had a million ideas and now you’re a bit lost at where you’re up too. Spend sometime looking over your notes and brainstorming because you’re probably super refreshed and inspired after your break. All those new ideas write down and vomit it onto the paper then make an achievable action plan to make it happen.


Rejig your routine
This was a huge game changer for me and is ultimately what got me back into the swing of things fully. I used to work from 9/10-5/6pm before I went away but I felt like my gym session in the morning was taking away from the most productive time of day for me. Now I’m working from 8/5pm with a break for them gym in the afternoon and I’m so much more inspired, efficient and getting way more done – sometimes you just need a little change up!


What are your tips for getting back into a routine?


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    I always find it so difficult getting back into things after being on holiday! I’m going away quite soon so think I may need to come back to this post for some pointers afterwards :)

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    Great tips! I find mixing up my routine is the best way to stay motivated and not bored!

    Kate |

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