Recently I’ve gone a little bit blonder and also kept my hair longer rather then chopping it off so I’ve been playing around with styling but also had to adjust my routine to accommodate for my hair being a little bit drier then normal. These three products have been standouts so I had to share them with you (derrrr!)


First up is the Joico K-Pak Colour Therapy Instant Shine & Repair Treatment that has blown my socks off because it seriously works. Upon first glance it was already on the way to be a fave because it’s a deep conditioning mask in a squeeze tube making application easy and it all requires 3-5 minutes – win! This particular mask has a thing called Bio-advanced Peptide Complex which sounds cray cray but it essentially means that the proteins seek out damage and lock in moisture. I thought that was pretty cool but regardless of what the product claims to use or do I don’t even care because this is hands down the best mask I’ve EVER used. Not only is to functional, quick and easy-to-use it really makes a difference. I’ve been using it 1-2 times week and every time it’s left my hair feeling so soft until the next wash whilst also making my locks so shiny. The best part? When I hope out of the shower my hair is almost knot free and that my friends is a pretty big deal for my unmanageable hair. Enough gushing, you get it it’s an awesome product and everyone must try.


Another moisturising type product is what I’ve been popping in my locks out of the shower. For those of you with fine hair you’ll probably feel my pain when I say the frizz I experience when air-drying my hair is actually insane. The Kevin Murphy Smooth Again Anti-Frizz Treatment is a great product for keeping everything looking tame. I generally apply two pumps from my ears downwards on damp hair and it really helps my hair dry smoother (thank god!). Sometimes the consistency of these products can be really sticky so you can feel it when your hair dries however I’m happy to report this is undetectable throughout my locks – just make sure you’re not using too much and that you work it through the hair well.


A styling product that I have spoken about before but wanted to give a quick shout out is the R & Co Thickening Spray. As I said currently I’m opt for air-drying so sometime I can feel like my hair is a little limp and boring. I apply this product after I apply the Kevin Murphy and make sure I concentrate it at the roots of the hair. I find when it comes to styling there is a little bit of hold and grit to the roots meaning I can achieve hairstyles easier. It’s not a product I use every time I wash my hair but if I know I’m going to be styling my hair afterwards I will. If you find most thickening sprays NEED a hair-dryer to make them work this one is a good option because it works super well without one!


Have you tried any of these products? What were your thoughts?


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    I haven’t tried any of these. I’m really no good at hair, I have the frizz problem too. My hair dries best when I wash it before I go to bed. Somehow I end up with less frizz that way but I’m not usually comfortable with my hair unless I’ve taken a straightner to it! I’ve never really had any luck with anti frizz products, they just make my hair look oily, the kevin murphey product sounds good, Ive never tried anything from that brand.

  2. 2

    The salon I go to swear by the Joico K-Pak stuff. I really like the tigi urban antidotes range for dry hair : ) xx

  3. 3

    I just picked up the R+Co thickening spray in a GWP set and I’m quite excited to give it a try! I usually dry my hair but perhaps I’ll give the natural hair dry a chance and pair it with this to see how my hair takes it. I’ve been using the It’s a 10 sprays with keratin in my wet hair and it has made such a difference in the texture! After coloring my hair a lot a few years back my hair was so dry and brittle and this really brought it back to its former glory :)

    Cindy | http://www.cindyhyue.com

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