When an email lands in the inbox whether it’s in regards to a beauty product, restaurant, fashion label or experience the first thing I think of is you guys. I wonder if it’s something you’ll like to hear about or benefit from me trying in someway. I then think about whether it’s something I would generally do without the offer from a PR. When I was asked if I’d like to go check out The Spa Marysville – a brand new spa that has opened at the Vibe Hotel the answer to all my usual questions was yes.


Isaac and I set aside a weekend to travel down to Marysville which is about a 90 minute drive from Melbourne so a little bit extra for us and check it all out. We were fairly blind going into the experience because neither of us had ever been around that neck of the woods but driving down we were so excited – the drive is beautiful. The roads wind through gorgeous hills and there are some lookouts on the way if that’s what you’re about. We arrived at about lunch time so we grabbed some food at the Marysville Country Bakery and by the size of it we can only assume that the little town really gets busy during snow season (it’s super close to snow apparently!). The Vibe Hotel is located in the main street and stretches a fair chunk of the street which was super cool. It is has a restaurant, cafe, conference room and spa all attached so it’s pretty large!


At check-in we were greeted with two super friendly hosts who hooked us up with wifi and a bottle of wine. One thing I will say is when you’re sent by ‘head office’ all the staff are super friendly. Once we found our way to our room and Isaac had jumped on the uber comfy bed the phone rang. It was reception saying that my spa treatment had been cancelled because the lady had been feeling unwell… With the spa not open the following day (or until the following Saturday) we had no choice but it cancel my treatment. We had travelled all that way for nothing boo! Although super disappointed it was an unavoidable circumstance and we were stoked to be away for the weekend.. The staff were super apologetic about the situation as they knew we were there just to check out the spa.


This meant we had the whole afternoon to explore the surroundings of Marysville. As I said earlier we really didn’t know what to expect or what was around so we literally jumped into the car and drove around looking for those brown tourist sides (you know the ones!). When we spotted Steavenson Falls we thought we’d go explore and I’m so glad we did! We ended up hiking all the way to the top lookout, usually it’s not my thing, but it wasn’t a tough walk at all and the view was worth it. Loads of families were doing it so it’s a great one to take the kids to as well.


We returned back to the hotel and I did some work (no rest for the wicked… and technically it was a work trip) before heading down to dinner at the Radius Bar & Grill which is the restaurant which is attached to the Vibe Hotel. It was a special Father’s Day menu however we were blown away by our experience! The staff were all friendly and the chef came out to meet us (made us feel super important and weird). I can honestly say it’s one of the best meals I’ve had out in a long time. We got a tasting plate of all the desserts and they were divine! Oh and the alcohol list was so extensive it was crazy! If you’re a gin lover you’ll love it.


The next day were cold and wet so I was glad we’d gotten to explore the falls the day before. We had our breakfast at the cafe, it was buffet and nothing crazy special… Pretty standard. We checked out and headed on our way. The area is incredibly beautiful and I cannot recommend visiting Marysville enough. It’s a great weekend away, relaxing place and the Vibe Hotel has everything you could need with the extra restaurants and now spa. It would be the perfect escape for a special weekend with your partner or even a solo weekend break (I spotted a few doing this!).


If you’re thinking of heading to Marysville for a little weekend away here are a few things to consider packing… Because we didn’t:
– comfy walking shoes! I only took Birkenstocks and I wish I had of taken proper walking shoes so we could hike further
– a backpack for exploring
– a big water bottle
– warm layers because it is COLD there
– a camera… We didn’t take our big camera and I wish we had of so much!
– nothing to do with work
– a good book


What are your favourite weekend away destinations?


*Isaac and I were kindly invited to stay and experience The Spa/Vibe Hotel so we could share it all with you. All opinions are our own!

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