A little our three months ago I had my usual hair appointment and was so shocked to have a good two inches cut off because my hair was so unhealthy. I realised that I had REALLY been neglecting my hair and that takes a toll on your locks in the most irrversible way. Now I have a little routine to share with along with some extra tips to ensure you don’t end up having an unwanted chop!


This routine is what I do every time I wash my hair which is usually 3-4 times a week and along with the unwanted chop it has ensured my hair doesn’t go back to that awful state it was in. It’s quick, easy and really makes a difference! The first product I use is the Kevin.Murphy Un.Tangled Leave-In Conditioner, Detangler because I had unmanageably tangly hair and always have. This product is a two-in-one it provides the hair with heat protection as well as detangling and conditioning. It’s easily the most effective detangler I’ve tried and I would 100% recommend this as the detangler to buy! The spray evenly distributes the product and overall it’s a fab product. I spray this into damp hair and then brush with a Tangle Teezer. I do enjoy my Tangle Teezer, I’ve used them for close to 3 years, but I do miss something with a handle!

The next step is making a little bit of a concoction of two products in your hand then working it through the lengths of your hair (so from your ears down). I love using an oil, at the moment I’m using Redken Diamond Oil, because oils just make your hair so much healthier overall. I’ve been using oils for a long time and can feel a huge difference in not only the strength but also the appearance of my hair. It’s so much shiny and less frizzy! I add 3-4 drops of that into my palm and then about a 10 cent coin size of the EVO Happy Campers Hard-Working Moisturiser. This is an awesome product for protecting the hair from the sun so definitely a must-have coming into spring and summer. It is pretty much sunscreen for your hair! It doesn’t feel like anything in your locks or leave a funny residue so once worked in you won’t even notice. If you spend alot of time outside or have a holiday coming up this is a must-have but it’s great to apply everyday regardless.


Extra tips for healthier hair:
– cut back on the heat styling, it makes SUCH a difference
– let your hair dry naturally even if it means changing your routine
– use a super hydrating mask once a week
– be careful when your hair is wet. It’s the most prone to breakage so brush carefully and only with something that’s super gentle
– avoid super tight hair ties and switch to material ones if you can. They really lessen breakage and creasing in the hair which means less heat styling!
– switch to satin pillowcases
– wash only in luke warm water
– consider your diet and supplements as this can help but also hinder hair strength

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What are your favourite products or tips for healthier hair?


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    what changed my hair the most is not washing it daily and not using as much heat. the tigi s factor range works best for me but the products you mentioned seem lovely too. have to give them a try.


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