One of the toughest things for me working from home a few days a week is productivity. I’ve always been organised but often I find that I’m overwhelmed so my productivity decreases. I’ve curated a list of things that really helped me kick my to-do lists butt and make sure I’m making the most of time at home.



– break everything down into smaller tasks
– then create numerous lists of the things that need to be done
– turn off email notifications and allocate particular times of the day for checking
– spend 10 minutes planning the week/day
– leave mobile devices in another room or on silent
– only check social media/phone at allocated breaks
– take regular breaks
– set a timer so you don’t get lost on one project
– identify when you work best and then adjust your working hours to suit
– consider background noise apps like Coffivity
– complete tedious tasks first
– get plenty of sleep
– organise your work environment and clean up regularly
– outsource if needed
– automation is your best friend. For bills, social media and anything else you can.
– try not to multitask
– celebrate the small ‘ah-ha’ moments as well as the big ones
– block those sites that you waste time on
– don’t beat yourself up when things go wrong. It happens so move on.


What are your top tips for increasing productivity?


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    Great tips! For some reason I find focusing on one thing at a time quite hard. Another tip is to reward yourself when you achieve a goal, I find that really helps keep me motivated (:

    Kat | Peachy Pink Gloss

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      I used to be like that… Now I find if I work hard for 2-3 hours then have an 40 minute break it works well :)

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