I haven’t always been a perfume hoarder but over the past few months my collection has grown a bit ridiculous due to some killer new releases and a few weak moments in David Jones. I thought I’d share with you my ultimate fragrances I’ll be reaching for as the weather warms up and a few may surprise you.
Viktor and Rolf Bonbon* 
I’ve seen alot of negative reviews on this perfume which really did surprise me considering I loved it from the very first time I sniffed it. I usually tend to go for fragrances that are more floral then sweet but the intense caramel notes are a gorgeous break form my usual scents. It may sound sickly sweet but I think it’s very well balanced with the Jasmine notes. The packaging is divine too! 
Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue
This one is very loved and I’ve had it since I stole it off my Mum when I lived at home (don’t worry guys I bought her a new one). You know a perfume is well loved when you lose the cap, I’m super annoyed that happened. Anyway, this perfume is just one of the classics I feel like everyone should own. It has delicious apple notes that balance out the white rose, jasmine, citron wood whilst the amber and musk just finish off the scent in the most gorgeous way. I feel like this is one everyone would enjoy using in the middle of summer because it’s just so refreshing. It’s definitely my most worn.
Beyonce Heat Wild Orchid*
I don’t mind a bit of a celebrity fragrance, in fact I love a good cheap celebrity fragrance (#sorrynotsorry) and this one has really got me good. I’m a big fan of the Beyonce fragrance in the red bottle but I’ve never got around to purchasing it so I was keen to see how this one compared. Sadly they’re pretty different and this one is floral with orchid, magnolia, honeysuckle with notes of pomegranate, coconut water, musk and amber to balance. It’s not the most sophisticated floral fragrance but I do think it’s lovely and I currently have this hanging out in my Travlo which lives in my handbag. 
What are your favourite summer scents? 
*some of these products may have been sent to me for consideration.

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    This came at the perfect time as I’m currently looking for a new one to add to my collection so thanks for this! I’ll be sure to keep them in mind on my next perfume shop (: xx


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    Hey Sarah, lovely picks.
    You just reminded me how much I love Light Blue. Should soon stock up on it, perfect for summers.
    The only celebrity fragrance i have tried is Jessica Simpson Fancy Love, its lovely, the one in the white bottle.

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    I love perfume — if I didn’t spend so much money on makeup, it’d probably all go to perfume. I haven’t tried the Dolce & Gabbana or Beyoncé yet, I agree that Bonbon is divine. In fact, you may have just convinced me to go and get it from Myer…

    Sarah xo
    Diary of a Beauty Padawan

  8. 8

    I have promised myself I’m going to use up a few of my perfumes before I buy anymore but posts like this make it so hard to resist! lol. I might just have to sample them next time I’m shopping!

    Melanie | Melaniface

  9. 9

    I have been needing to get some new scents, I am super jealous of your collection! I have been addicted to Estee Lauder’s Beautiful Sheer since like forever.

  10. 10

    omg I love a good celebrity fragrance! My ultimate fave perfume was by sarah jessica parker BUT THEY DISCONTINUED IT and I’m on my last bottle!! :'((( I’ll have to give these a whiff next time i’m feeling spendy!

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    Bonbon is on my wish list, but I’d probably use it more so during the colder months, maybe due to the caramel notes in it.

    Last summer I wore Calvin Klein’s Eternity Aqua a fair bit – just adored the fresh smell of it. Gotta start wearing perfume a lot more to justify their purchase – I keep forgetting to put it on.

  13. 13

    Oh my goodness….check out the bottle of the Viktor and Rolf Bonbon …thats just super beautiful on its own. How wonderful that would look sitting on the dresser.

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  15. 15

    I’m definitely picking up Bonbon in Priceline’s perfume sale tomorrow. It smells heavenly!

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