A common misconception is that eating healthy is expensive when really, it’s not. We actually save on our weekly grocery bill since adapting these habits. Here’s some super easy tips for keeping your diet healthy without breaking the bank.

Don’t roll your eyes at me just hear me out! Since we’ve put aside 20 minutes each week, we have saved so much money because we’re not adding things in at the supermarket that we don’t end up eating. Select your recipes for dinners, lunches and breakfast then make sure to go through your cupboards, freezer and fridge to see what ingredients you have already before making your shopping list. It bets standing in front of the shelves at the supermarket thinking ‘shit do I actually have that’. I honestly cannot recommend making the time to do this because it will save you so much money and stop you from ordering pizza during the week due to not knowing what to cook (most of the time anyway). Our cute planners are from Kikki-K and our favourite recipes we cook are from the Michelle Bridges 12WBT, Plenty by Yotam Ottolenghi and It’s All Good by Gwyneth Paltrow – if you have any awesome cookbook suggestions please leave them in the comments!

Buying your nuts, legumes and seeds in bulk packs will saves you money in the long run. If you can, seek out large bags of dried legumes instead of the canned varieties. Although it means you’ll have to soak them the cans work out to be super expensive when you break it down. Also try cooking a large frittata, stir-fries, salads and chicken breasts at the start of the week to have handy in the fridge for lunches OR just cook extra at dinner so you can take a portion for the next days lunch.

Since shopping at our local fruit and vegetable store over getting it at the supermarket we save at least $50 a week on our grocery bills. Every time we do our shopping there we walk away in shock at the sheer quantity of fruit/vege we are able to buy for $30 – it’s insane. If you have a local market shop there, you’ll be blown away by the crazy savings!

If you’re doing your meal plan and shopping list then it’s fairly easy to steer clear of the 3 for 2 but at the beginning it’ll be hard to say no. Just make sure you’re sticking to your list and even avoid the tempting aisles like the chocolate, soft drink, ice cream aisles.

I’m not suggesting you become a hermit but if you can eat in before you eat out especially if you’re first starting out with adapting a healthier lifestyle. Of course if it’s unavoidable then don’t feel bad – we’re all allowed to enjoy good (fatty) food every now and then but if you have the option cook at home or even invite everyone round for a meal to show off your latest food discovery.

Before Isaac and I did the Michelle Bridges 12WBT (we can’t recommend that program enough) we didn’t even notice or think we were overeating but that plan taught us that we were pretty much eating for two every night *cringe*. Don’t overbuy on things that will perish because chances are you’ll end up cooking way to much and then stuff yourself silly. If you’re lying on the couch after dinner feeling bloated and gross every night chances are you’re overeating so try scaling it back.

What are your top tips for eating well on a budget?

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  1. 1

    Such a great way to eat healthy in an affordable way :D
    Thank you so much for the tips, they’re very helpful, i’m gonna start trying all this


  2. 3
  3. 5

    These are great tips! Meal planning really does make all the difference in the world! Also, shopping local markets too. I live in NYC and I will sometimes shop at the farmer’s market by me, and the savings are astounding.

  4. 7

    A great post! I’m starting on an eating plan sort of this year so I might start posting my journey too. Meal planning is great, calorie control, smaller plate sizes and drinking water often are the things I’ve been trying.

    • 8

      I’d love to hear about your journey Kat! I need to drink more water… I’m so bad at it because I have a crappy bladder so I always have to pee which is just inconvenient… TMI? Lol

      • 9

        I hear you! The first few days of drinking water instead of reaching for chocolate, I went to the bathroom like 5 times that day! Crazy! But you definitely need to strengthen that bladder for later in life! Pilates?

  5. 10

    this is such a lovely, easy and inspiring post encouraging us all to be that bit healthier! Most definitely I will be checking out the cookbooks, i use ‘Super Healthy Treats’ for breakfast and the mid-day crave :) x

  6. 12

    This such a great post, there are so many tips in here that I’ll actually be able to follow! I really like the meal planning one and think I might have to start doing that!

  7. 14

    I’d love to buy from our local fruit/veggie shop, while it’s a lot fresher than Coles it is also very very very expensive! Maybe it’s just our area though. :( Costco’s great though if you have a huge family (my Greek SIL) especially with things like onions.

    My main issue with eating healthy is snacking, as Americans I do think we snack throughout the day and it’s things like Starbucks and Krispy Kreme (my office is within reach of all the bad foods) and hot chips that are killing us. If you plan ahead you’ll always have healthy snacks on hand and resist temptations.

    • 15

      Definitely! I always have a stash of nuts and a healthy granola bar in my handbag. It’s a shame it’s more expensive for you at your local fruit/vege shop! Do you have a local market? Prehaps try there if you can :) xo

  8. 16
  9. 17

    We generally try to shop each Sunday, with a strict shopping list outlining what & when we’ll be eating over the coming week – hurrah for meal planning! When we’re too lazy to do this, it costs us so much more, so it’s definitely worth the extra 20 minutes.

    Amy | TFO

  10. 18

    Great post Sarah! I think my main problem with eating healthy in general is that I’m way too lazy to cook! And takeaway is just sooo easy D: But expensive! I’m also a sucker for specials and anything cheap! But the local fruit and veg store is actually so cheap, I’m just too lazy… again.

    Sheri | Behind The Frames

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