For Isaac’s birthday this year I’d already cheated by combining his birthday AND Christmas present so I knew I couldn’t justify buying him anything off the long list I have. I asked if he wanted to dinner but instead he suggested we do a day trip to Cactus Country so that’s what we decided to do.


Secretly I wasn’t very excited about the trip because I’d just come off a huge couple of weeks of work and I was tired but on the Friday beforehand I did a quick Google and I was seriously impressed. On the Sunday we set out armed with SPF because it was seriously hot! The garden is 10 acres of cacti and you literally get lost everywhere you look. There are hundreds of varieties and you actually can’t believe some of the varieties that they have. It’s crazy! The staff are friendly and provide you with hats, insect repellant and umbrellas to keep the sun off as once you’re out exploring you can’t escape the heat. If it’s forecast to be 39, it was the day we went, perhaps either head there early or postpone until another weekend!


Upon arrival you are also given a book and throughout the gardens are markers so you learn as you go. It’s the first time Isaac and I had ever done a self-guided tour and we both really enjoyed it. The information in the book was interesting but not so cray cray that everyday person didn’t understand the lingo. I think that’s something I was nervous about because I’m not a huge plant-knowledgable person! There is a shop where you can buy some cacti as well and of course we bought home a new friend we’ve named Kenny.


We love cacti so we really enjoyed getting through the different paths and learning more about the different varieties. We also loved how although the gardens are maintained if there is a cactus that has fallen over they are left to do their own thing as they continue to grow. It’s cool that the owners aren’t worried about it being perfectly manicured – we definitely appreciated it. My only compliant was the restaurant there isn’t amazing. It’s obviously Mexican and it is so basic. I had nachos and they were average although Isaac had a burrito and enjoyed it…. I wouldn’t recommend eating there from my meal.


Have you been to Cactus Country?


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    Oh my god! Dream Gardens!!!!! I seriously love cactus and every time I see one on the side of the road, I secretly want to pull over and cut a bit off to grow (but I am yet to do this!! haha) Next time I head down to Melbs, I will have to visit it!!

    Mel xx || Loads of Lifestyle

  3. 3

    Gahhhh so many amazing photos! Cacti make me so happy :)

    PS You looks super chic, love those glasses.
    PPS Love Isaac’s fabulous hat haha.

    Kate | themintedblog.com

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    I’d love to visit here except its like 3 hours away from me! And i’m not sure it would be child friendly? Lol.
    I could imagine I’d have a heap of fun taking photo’s there though.
    Loving the photo’s of Isaac. hehe
    I once bought a cactus and named it and it died. Yes. I somehow managed to kill a cactus.
    Not sure if they would accept cactus killers in cactus country? :P

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    That looks like such a fun little road trip! I didn’t even know that place existed but it would be really nice to get out of town for a day and do something different. That huge one a few photos down is crazy, although the weird furry ones right at the end kind of freak me out, haha.


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